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Create a website its tells you? Definitely yes if you want a real digital representation, and above all you open up to the world, the idea of the website will come to mind. Check out the benefits of a website first.

Then you are convinced that the website is your growth niche. How do I set up a website that works perfectly?


To create a website, you first need a website design software in this case WordPress. We want to make it clear that there is a difference between and Great, we can start.


To create a website with WordPress. org, it’s simple! You must:

  • Find a host
  • Have a domain name.
  • Download WordPress software. org and choose a theme


Finding a host is the first step because you need a server that can host all the files you produce. To do this, we have three types of available hosts that we quote:

-The shared host that hosts multiple sites on a computer. This host is less advisable because if one of the sites is defective or too traffic, it could affect other sites in terms of speed or availability. Nevertheless it is useful for beginners who do not yet have a lot of traffic.

-The dedicated host that hosts each site on its server. This type of host is the most advisable because it is more secure and better available to the operation and development of your site.

-The shared virtual host that is between the dedicated server and the shared server because the server is virtual but dedicated. This type of host works as a dedicated host but requires a little more skill. Never mind, almost all hosts offer online support.

You have chosen a type of host at your convenience, then place your domain name.


The domain name is the name of your site’s URL and represents the address of your site in the host. Hosts usually allow you to create domain names but you can choose to register with a host and buy a domain name from another operator which will be more advantageous if you want to change hosts while keeping your name initial domain. To communicate better, create a domain name that already indicates your activity because it will push your avatar to know more.


Indeed, after having a host you linked to your domain name, it’s time to download the software via the control panel that appears in your host showing the downloadable software. After installing it, enter your identifiers, then choose a theme in the theme library displayed in the WordPress dashboard to give your site a look, customize it, download extensions from your table’s menu WordPress edges to add features to your site. That’s it’s perfect place to content to enrich your site and give information related to your activity. You still need to update and back up your extensions and content in a timely manner via the WordPress control panel to keep your site up to date



Create a website with the WordPress version. com is the easiest. This includes an email address, username and password that you will fill out here. Then follow the steps you are asked to take, which are usually a simple question:

  • your activity you develop, a theme (design) is assigned to you by default.
  • The name of your structure that should in principle be your username.
  • The name of your domain and finally click on the free proposal if you opt for a free plan or on the paid proposals displayed.

In 15 minutes everything is ready. There is room for validation by email sent to you and personalization of your site via the dashboard. Great and if you’re having trouble customizing your site, if you’re registered from the premium plan, the support will guide you through your difficulties for free. Top you are a real website creator.

Whether you’re creating a website with or, the site has the same value when it’s well tracked. Definitely there’s a small difference when WordPress. org requires a lot of extension to make the site work and remains to be closely monitored for updating your extensions. on the other hand is an all-in-one solution that ensures the installation of essential extensions and the updating of these extensions for you, the assistance available 24 hours a day by email or live chat to carry out the webdesign of your site and to download additional extensions like Yoast SEO … , you need to access a business plan but the premium plan already gives you access to a comfortable site. However, it should be noted that too many extensions slow down the loading speed of your site which is not good for the user experience and for search engines therefore, download the most necessary extensions.

Check out our article on TOP 3 EXTENSIONS FOR THE SUCCESS OF YOUR SHOWCASE SITE becomes even more interesting when you manage multiple sites because you are lighter in the process of creating your site and the extension updates do not concern you. It fits very well for novices who have no idea in coding or web development. With, create a one-click site, update it with free online support, and manage multiple sites without any hassle! you can create over and over again, the path stays the same. To top it off, thanks to its simplicity, you will have more time to devote to creating good content.

See why is an adorable solution for website.

With, create a Google-friendly aesthetic site even when you have no notion of webdesign.

Here is the recapitulative between the premium plan and the business plan

Free domain for one yearFree domain for one year
Jetpack’s core featuresJetpack’s core features
Direct support via email and live chatDirect support via email and live chat
An infinity of Premium themesAn infinity of Premium themes
In-depth design customizationIn-depth design customization
13GB of storage200GB of storage space
Delete WordPress adsDelete Wordpress ads
Integration of Google AnalyticsIntegration of Google Analytics
Advanced sharing options on social networksAdvanced sharing options on social networks
Simplified paymentsSimplified payments
Profitability of the siteProfitability of the site
Player and video hosting with VideoPressPlayer and video hosting with VideoPress
Personalised help
SEO tools
Installing extensions
Installing themes
Removing branding WordPress

Need a website for your digital and international representation, Marketing Pro is the specialist in creating showcase site, e-commerce site, social networks, newsletter and managing content. Contact us, we are at your service or get it done faster on Fiverr.



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