Digital Review 2022-Marketing Pro

Yes, we are already at the beginning of a new year and who says new year says new method! But not necessarily a new radical method but a better way of doing things, i.e. innovation, improvement, objective…

In this new year, we Marketing Pro International enter the dance of novelty that is to say, yes we also have new things to bring as usual. But before mentioning our new trend, we would like to go through the previous year in terms of balance sheet.



The year that is ending has been a very beautiful year like all the years in terms of work because, work and research are part of our daily lives. Thus, we certainly did not produce much content compared to last year but the work was done in the background for the improvement and existence of Marketing Pro International.

For example, our Linkedin page is now operational directly on this link (23) Marketing Pro International : Présentation | LinkedIn

However, we remained focused on our objectives on the blog namely to bring new knowledge on the course of digital activity in terms of business that is to say, online marketing. So, here are some uplifting 2022 titles:

Royalty-free image banks

Photo editing software

Local SEO

The e-commerce strategy

The SEO of an e-commerce site

Online lead generation

Web hosting

And even more of course! Browse the blog from the 2021 review to discover more articles.

That said, the work continues. Our new perspectives aim to provide more information on all aspects of online activity starting from web marketing, cyber security, advanced software, teleworking in short, the entire high-tech sector.

We are therefore the new house of technology for a world of profitability and happiness.


You can discover the results of previous years:

2020 Balance Sheet

2021 Balance Sheet

The founder.


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