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Recommending target products on your e-commerce site is one of the methods to increase your online sales because indeed, the customer who finds himself in front of products likely to interest him is more pushed to buy than products that do not fit his needs.

Not to be confused with product options that designate the different variants of the same product in this case the different colors or different sizes.

These are recommendations based on recently seen products, past purchases, recent research from online customers that will recommend products that are likely to better match your online customer when they browse your e-commerce site.

It is another kind of online advertising of your offers most likely to interest your customer who browses directly on your e-commerce site when we know that, the particularity of online advertising is to offer goods and services that best match the needs of the customer according to his profile.

Thus, to recommend products on your e-commerce site, simply use the most convenient and reliable software for e-commerce site design which is Woocommerce and download the extension for product recommendation.

Let’s go into more detail:



To recommend target products on your Woocommerce site, that is to say products most likely to interest your customer online, it is obviously enough to first create your online store on Woocommerce, download the extension that will allow the target product recommendation in this case Product recommendation, Variation Recommendation for WooCommerce, Frequently Bought Together, Alternate Product Recommendations for WooCommerce, or Recommendation Engine to finalize with the edition of your products via the block editor that allows you to enter images or videos of your products/services and detailed descriptions in written form.


Product recommendation is the extension that enables upselling and cross-selling with a pinch of intelligence.
Have you ever noticed how top-performing stores leverage the power of product recommendations? When done right, upsells and cross-selling provide a more engaging experience for your visitors.

Luckily, you don’t need a team of machine learning specialists to get started. Product Recommendations is a cutting-edge product recommendation platform for WooCommerce that brings together human intelligence and machine learning, with one goal: to help you increase your sales. Here’s how:

Add recommendations across your entire catalog, effortlessly: Create bulk upsells and cross-sells, instead of entering products one by one. Add category, attribute, tag, or price filters to refine products and use amplifiers to improve specific results based on popularity, rating, creation date, conversion rate, or most advanced criteria.

Looking for a way to recommend products in the category or brand currently being viewed? Do you want to limit the results to products that cost more than the product currently viewed? No problem! Product recommendation allows you to deploy contextual recommendations faster.

–Promote the right product, to the right customer, at the right time:
Increase your store’s average order value by recommending recently viewed products and products from categories recently viewed on the checkout page, or even after customers have completed their orders. Make relevant and timely offers by displaying them conditionally, based on your customers’ cart/order contents, browsing history, date, or location.

-Deploy product recommendations to more than 20 locations on your store

Main page of the shop.
Product category or tag pages.
Individual product pages.
Shopping cart and checkout pages.
Thank you pages (order received) and order payment.

-Customize the shopping experience on your site based on your merchandising strategies:

  • Create custom recommendation engines that use filters, amplifiers, and visibility conditions to match products and customers.
  • Boost your customers’ trust and make browsing more fun by recommending the best-selling and highest-rated products at the top of your store’s product category and label pages.
  • Build customer loyalty: Complete recommendations in product pages or after customers have placed their orders.
  • Encourage customers to spend more in order to unlock benefits, such as free shipping.
  • Encourage impulse purchases by recommending popular products on the checkout page: To optimize conversion, prioritize sale and seasonal items.
  • Need more ideas? Get a head start with these high-performing strategies.

–Optimize your strategies with in-depth analysis:

With Product Recommendation, get a filterable report by date, converted product, and location to track and analyze your recommendation strategies.



The Variation Recommendation for WooCommerce extension reminds users of their previous variants purchased in a product category to help customers choose product variants. After an initial purchase, the plugin recommends the previously purchased size in the same category.

Example of a use case

Initial purchase: A user visits a variable product, a t-shirt, in the category of t-shirts.
The available sizes of the t-shirt are listed as variations.
The user selects and buys an average t-shirt.

Next purchase: The user returns to the store to buy another t-shirt.
The user sees a tip saying that he has already bought a medium-sized t-shirt under the size options on the t-shirt product page.
The user buys another average t-shirt with confidence.

The previous purchased t-shirt variant is displayed on all t-shirt product pages.


  • Reduces abandoned carts: If a customer doesn’t remember the variant they chose on a previous visit, they may abandon their cart out of frustration. Variation Recommendation for WooCommerce displays their choices of previous variants solving this problem, thereby increasing sales and customer satisfaction.
  • Avoids the hassle of refunds and exchanges: When customers purchase the correct variants, they do not return the variants purchased by mistake.
  • More convenience for customers: Viewing purchases from previous variants means your customers can buy with confidence. This increases the usability of your site and the satisfaction of your customers.

Requirements : Minimum PHP version: 5.6



For example, Amazon uses a recommendation algorithm that, according to a mcKinsey report, would have allowed it to increase its sales by 35%. Learn how the Frequently Bought Together extension helps you achieve awesome goals with the bundled formula.

Varieties of bundled formulas

First, the same product can be awarded several special offers. That is, there is no recommendation limit and you can test different options and modify them according to the intended audiences. This format also makes it possible to set up upsell and cross-sell strategies. Experiment with each tactic and opt for the most profitable approach. You can also create special offers with 2 or 3 products or more. There are no limits on you. You can take a vertical and horizontal approach, both literally and figuratively.

Another interesting option is grouped suggestions for each product in a category. An advantageous solution to combine with the previous one. Start with a universal offer, then enrich it over time by identifying your customers’ needs more precisely.


The Frequently Bought Together extension places an important place on personalization, which is essential to properly target site visitors. First, you are free to choose the layout, UI styles, and widget titles. You have all the necessary tools to present the different modules in a creative and attractive way on the product page. The extension also provides two shortcodes to display bundled formulas. They can be used on pages or in articles, including your store’s custom post types. In addition, this feature applies to both so-called variable and simple products.

In the first case, you have the power to determine whether the variable dimension of the bundled formula should be fixed or not. If in some cases you will have to decide for yourself, in others it will be better to leave the choice to the customer. Finally, the discount is also flexible. In other words, you can apply a discount percentage to each product in the bundled plan or a flat-rate discount to the entire bundled plan depending on the needs of your campaign and the expectations of certain customers.

Effortless management

To edit bundled plans, you have two options: you can create, edit, or delete upsell offers and bundled plans on the extension page. This page also contains information about existing bundled plans and how they appear on the product page; or you can add, manage or remove special offers directly on the product page in question.

The Pro option, which is hard to find, allows you to disable and activate bundled plans without completely removing them from a store. So there is room to make mistakes and feel free to grope. This is a real asset for seasonal campaigns or other repeated campaigns.



The Alternate Product Recommendations for WooCommerce plugin allows you to offer your customers other products to consider when products are not available in stock and to offer customers additional products to buy when products are in normal stock. It is therefore a sales tactic whatever the state of the stock.


  • Customer satisfaction: Offering an alternative product lets your customers know that you care about their shopping experience.
  • Keep customers shopping and buying: A customer who is offered an alternative may be interested in this product and can buy it while hoping that they continue to shop on your site instead of leaving frustrated when an item is out of stock.
  • Reduce cart abandonment: If a customer already has items in their cart and discovers that what they intended to buy is out of stock, they can leave your site. Offering an alternative to keep them on your site will hopefully lead them to buy the items in their cart and/or the recommended alternative item.


WooCommerce Recommendation Engine allows you to automatically recommend products to users based on view history, purchase history, and frequently purchased products together. The extension offers recommendations such as:

Similar products by view

This module displays the products that customers have also viewed. Every time someone views a product, it is registered in the Recommendation Engine database. This data is then processed by the module which presents products often consulted together. Great way to automatically provide similar products and entice users to check out products they might not have found otherwise.

Similar products by purchase history

This module introduces products that are often purchased by the same users. Products do not need to be purchased at the same time. Ideal for showing products purchased by the same users over time. This is a great way to get users to buy more products at the same time by showing them things that other users have returned to buy later on the site.

Products purchased together

This module displays products that are frequently purchased at the same time and on the same order. This type of view is a great way to create and display a database of products that are often needed together to complete an order. Often, accessories or other types of modules will be purchased at the same time by a user, and this engine will show these batches to end users.

Great way to get shoppers to buy products they might not have considered or thought they needed.


If you want to improve the sale of your products on your online store, offering relevant products is the best way to lure your customers online when you know that, the closer the product gets to the characteristics of your customers, the more likely you are to sell. So, use the extensions above to choose to recommend products based on purchase histories, previous sales category, frequently purchased products together… to keep the customer shopping on your online store.

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