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Before answering the question how to have customer reviews on your e-commerce site, we want to know why have customer reviews on your e-commerce site?

Indeed, customer reviews are like a kind of approval of the quality of your services by customers who have used your proposals and share their opinions. That said, reviews can be negative or positive, it all depends on the rating your customer wants to leave you.

Thus, reviews take a place of testimonial with your future customers to show the degree of satisfaction you offer. Therefore, reviews become very important on your e-commerce site to encourage visitors to react on your e-commerce site excited by positive reviews.

So, what interests us is how to get customer reviews on an e-commerce site?



As we have stated, customer reviews are tangible proof for your future customers and, you can integrate it very easily once you have created your e-commerce site on the Woocommerce platform.

Indeed, when you have created your e-commerce site on the Woocommerce platform, you can integrate customer reviews on your own site, or through the internationally recognized platform for customer reviews called Truspilot integrated into your Woocommerce e-commerce site.

How is this possible? simply through the product reviews and rating extension or Trustpilot for Woocommerce.


Extensions are each time computer programs designed for specific tasks for which reason, there are a multitude of extensions that correspond each time to specific tasks on Woocommerce. Just download them directly via your dashboard or on the extension link.

These are not the basic tasks of your website but, tasks to run your e-commerce activity. I invite you to discover free extensions to make your e-commerce business work.

Among the extensions to insert customer reviews on your e-commerce site, we have Trustpilot for woocommerce and product reviews and rating.


Trustpilot is an open-ended review platform where consumers can be heard by businesses and where businesses can gain consumer trust.

The integration of Trustpilot for WooCommerce allows e-merchants to automatically send customers invitations for product and service reviews. Use the TrustBox tool to drag and drop review and rating widgets onto your site on key conversion points.

With a Trustpilot account.

  • Automatically invite your customers to share their feedback at the perfect time. More authentic content generated by your customers can improve your SEO and increase traffic to your site.
  • Trustpilot is one of the most visited sites in the world, powered by 70 million users who give reviews, which means that your company’s profile page will often appear on the first page of search engines.
  • Grow on Google with verified reviews that count towards Google Seller Ratings. Collect new product reviews to improve your product pages and qualify for review snippets in organic search. Increase purchase conversion and revenue.
  • Turn real customer reviews into real conversion engines. Display the content of your reviews on your website when consumers are actively looking to make a purchase decision.
  • Get consumers talking by sharing your opinions wherever you interact with them: paid ads, emails, social media and outside. Give potential customers the confidence they need throughout their journey.
  • Showcase your reviews in an ad creation without design skills (or even an in-house designer) with Trustpilot’s image builder. 87% of consumers in the UK and US trust ads with the Trustpilot logo and star rating more than without a logo. Increase customer loyalty and optimize lifetime value.
  • Learn from customers to optimize what works and identify areas for improvement. Discover customer sentiment trends to optimize product inventory, customer service, delivery, price, and more.
  • Prove that you take customer feedback seriously to turn new buyers into repeat customers and regular customers into your best ambassadors. Benefit from an average 13% increase in customer loyalty.
  • Keep customers coming back by constantly improving your product selection. Product Attributes notes help you understand your products from your customer’s perspective.

How does Trustpilot fight fake reviews?

Integrity is important in any business. Custom fraud detection software and the Content Integrity team protect your brand and the Trustpilot platform from fake reviews.

The vast majority of Trustpilot reviews are authentic and reflect a real shopping experience. But fake reviews exist, and there is a tool to unmask them. Fraud detection software works 24/7 to detect suspicious reviews and remove those that have been identified as fake.

The Content Integrity team uses fraud detection software to combat abuse of the platform. If you report a review, it will be reviewed by the team.

Whether you’re just starting out or already an expert in building loyalty and building trust with your customers, Truspilot is here to help you improve. Whatever the size and needs of your business, Trustpilot gives you the opportunity to get closer to your customers, use their ideas to create ever better experiences and grow your business. A free account gives businesses the tools they need to start collecting, managing, and submitting reviews:

Get started with a free account

  • Automate 100 service or product review invitations per month
  • Invite past guests to review
  • Use two TrustBox widgets to display the number of reviews and prompt to leave a review on the site.
  • Respond to reviews
  • Improve your Google Seller Ratings
  • View basic performance reports
  • Receive support via email and Help Center

Sign up for a standard plan to upgrade your profile page, invite more customers to leave a review, contact the customer success team, learn from detailed review analytics, use more TrustBox widgets on the site, produce marketing resources, and have the ability to upgrade with modules.


Reviews on sales pages can give conversions a real boost. With Product Reviews and Ratings, you validate and simplify customers’ purchasing decisions by displaying valuable social proof. It works like Facebook comments and replies, but with the added power of custom layout options, voting, and comment moderation.

Here’s what it might look like:


With your WooCommerce package, you have all the power over how your customers’ product reviews appear on your store. You can choose to display comments, stars, or both.

With Product Reviews and Ratings, you can

  • Collect and display both reviews and stars of your products, or collect feedback for effective social proof.
  • Display ratings and/or reviews to highlight popular products.
  • Customers can upload images showing how they use your product.
  • Remove any unwanted comments, ratings, or reviews.
  • Set up email alerts for new comments, ratings, and reviews so you can respond quickly to comments.
  • Turn on anonymous comments.
  • Rank comments, ratings, and reviews by recency or popularity, or sort them manually.
  • Customizable design options include custom colors and fonts, avatar shapes, adjustable sizes, borders, and more.
  • The plugin supports text in any language and is responsive on any mobile device.
  • Instant access to the 60 POWR plugins with a single login, and a central dashboard to manage all your plugins.

How to better understand the features of Product Reviews and Ratings?

To make your review even more effective, consider allowing images in comments so your customers can upload real photos that show how they use your products. You can add your email address to receive a notification whenever a customer submits a new review on your site.

Additional Pro features are available with a separate subscription to unlock:

  • Allowing responses to comments so that you and other customers can interact.
  • Allowing votes on comments
  • Post moderation, so you can manually approve posts before they’re visible on your live site. You can also delete any inappropriate comments in the Comments Management panel.

Note Well: If you’ve chosen to approve each comment before it’s posted, you can do so directly from the email notification, which is handy when you’re on the go.

WooCommerce’s exclusive pricing gives you access to all starter features for a year. To access Pro or Business features, monthly or annual upgrades are available on POWR.


If you have chosen to display customer reviews on your e-commerce site, this is the best decision when you know that customer reviews allow you to feel the presence of buyers on your site to encourage future buyers and this totally on your control. So, use one of the reviews extensions above to further enable selling on your e-commerce site. Contact us for support.



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