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It is March 3, 2022, the anniversary date of the Marketing Pro International agency. March 3rd is always a very significant date for us because not the day we created our website or started our first blog post but, the date on which we first published on social networks a post triggering our current activity.


It’s a memorable day for us because not the fact of having published a post but the commitment and determination that was emerging. So we are still happy for the decision we made and all the love we put in every day for the growth and success of our blog.

For the record, the beginnings are always like an adventure that we launch without necessarily having all the necessary elements! but the determination to arrive will draw your way thus, love, will and work are the weapons of your journey.

On this day when we celebrate our 3 years of existence, we are even more proud of ourselves with all the content we have been able to produce so far and we continue to work hard and especially smarter to produce you the information necessary to manage an online business.

We are therefore always looking for the best for our customers and readers to satisfy all the questions that could exist in terms of online marketing and online security because in all areas of application, there are always security measures to be taken to exercise without tranquility.

So, having reached our 3 years of successful blogging career, we are still sharpening our feathers and focusing more on the layout of our website to best satisfy our customers/readers, but also to further grow the business.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE MARKETING PRO INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY with whom we share all our delusions and especially all our passion. A lot for years to come…

As a bonus, consult the balance sheets of the previous 2 years to know our future projects.

Digital Review Marketing Pro International 2020

Digital Review Marketing Pro International 2021.


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