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Selling out of stock may seem absurd but if you are sure that you will be replenished, there is no reason to let the customer lose the thread of the product so as not to lose the pace of purchase on your e-commerce site. So, a solution still exists when you have created your e-commerce site on Woocommerce. Simply, just accept pre-orders and notify your customers once the product is put into stock! how is this possible? we will come to that in the next lines.



Selling out of stock is a very important issue for businessmen who do not want to let a penny escape them! great, this is a good technique to maintain the pace of sales. Just create your project on Woocommerce and simply download the extension that will allow you to make pre-orders and integrate notifications. These are:

  • Woocommerce pre-order
  • Back in stock notification


The Woocommerce pre-order extension allows you to set up pre-orders in your WooCommerce store, so customers can order products before they are available. You can initiate and fill commands automatically or manually.

The pre-order experience is fully customizable and supports both pre-orders billed in advance and pre-orders billed at the time of publication. If you’re using a supported payment gateway on Woocommerce, pre-orders can be charged at the time of publication without the customer having to return and pay for their order.

Thanks to Woocommerce pre-order, you can

  • Set an optional date/time when the product will be available
  • Automatically invoice orders when the product is available
  • Change the release date of a pre-ordered product
  • Send an email to all customers who have pre-ordered a product
  • Cancel pre-orders if the product is no longer available
  • Filter pre-orders with a custom « pre-order » order status.
  • Works with simple and variable products
  • Ability to charge a fee for a pre-order
  • Customize the Add to Cart/Place Order buttons for pre-orders

How to better understand the best features of Woocommerce pre-order?

Simple pre-order customization: Control the display of pre-order products using built-in settings for button text, product messages, and more. View the remaining time until a product is available anywhere on your site using a countdown shortcode with personalized assistance via CSS.

Easy management of pre-orders: Pre-orders can be invoiced in two ways, either in advance or at the time of publication. When a pre-order is invoiced in advance, the customer pays the full amount of the pre-order during the initial validation of his order.

When you charge for a pre-order at the time of publication, the customer’s payment method is charged upon product release (either when the availability date is reached, if set, or manually in the pre-order administration) if you use a supported payment gateway.

If the supported payment gateway is not available, the customer will receive an email when the pre-order is published, inviting them to return to the store to pay for their pre-order.

All pre-orders can be managed via a dedicated page. From there, the administrator can delay, complete, cancel, or email selected pre-orders, or use the actions section to perform the same actions for all pre-orders for a given product.

Automatically charge pre-orders as soon as they are available: If you use one of the supported payment gateways, you can automatically charge your customer’s payment method as soon as the pre-order is available. All gateways support manual payments for pre-orders if the customer receives an email asking them to come back and pay for their pre-order when it’s available.



A stock shortage is always frustrating. So turn it into something positive! Stop worrying about the sales you’re missing, and think about the customers you can bring back.

Back In Stock Notifications will be useful for:

  • Turn your sold out products into waiting lists that anyone can sign up for.
  • Send automated emails to your customers when their favorite products are replenished.
  • Recover lost sales, build customer loyalty, and uncover accurate trends in your inventory.

Let’s go into more detail:

Bring customers back to your store.

  • Customers who arrive on the page of an out-of-print product are invited to register with their email address to be informed of the availability of the product.
  • When the product is back in stock, all customers on the waiting list receive an automated notification.
  • Customers come back to your store and make their purchase!

Measure demand for out-of-stock products : Stop hiding out-of-stock products in your catalog! With Back In Stock Notifications, you can:

  • Measure the purchase intent of out-of-stock products.
  • View the most sought-after sold out products and replenish them first.
  • Identify accurate trends in your inventory and make more accurate forecasts of demand.

Stay in touch with your most loyal customers : Customers who sign up for replenishment notifications send you a strong buy signal and high purchase intent. So why not take the opportunity to stay in touch with them?

Back In Stock Notifications stores the contact information of people on the waiting list even after all notifications have been sent, making it easy to export and use them in your favorite email marketing platform.

Let customers manage their preferences : Concerned about your customers’ privacy? The extension handles subscriptions and unsubscribes free of charge, giving customers with or without an account the freedom to manage their own preferences :

  • Logged-in customers can sign up without entering their email address and manage active notifications from their Account page.
  • Each customer receives a confirmation email when they sign up for a waiting list.
  • Confirmation and notification emails include a handy « unsubscribe » link that allows your customers to easily unsubscribe from all alerts they’ve signed up for.

Experience the best of Woocommerce : Back In Stock Notifications has been optimized to leverage the latest technologies built into WooCommerce, while making the most of the features.

  • Is your shop very busy? Thanks to its integration with the action scheduler, the extension can send thousands of replenishment alerts very easily.
  • Need full support for variable products? The extension stores current variant selections when customers sign up, and reinstates their selections when they return.
  • Using Product Bundles? With Back In Stock Notifications, your customers can sign up and be notified when plans with insufficient stock are available again.


You want to sell even out of stock yes it is possible on your online store when you have created your e-shop on Woocommerce! Simply download one of the above extensions according to your preferences to ensure your pre-orders and notify in case of replenishment. Contact us for support.



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