Abandoned Cart-How to Recover Abandoned Carts from Your e-commerce Site-Marketing Pro

Retrieving abandoned carts on your e-commerce site is simply to retarget people who have started a purchase on your e-commerce site without finalizing the payment.

Thus, these people represent potential customers because they have been interested in your proposals to the point of triggering an order without finalizing it. This may be due either to a financial insufficiency or any other interruption of any kind. Whatever the reason if the payment method corresponds to the country supported, you have to track all those people who have made an action on your e-commerce site to bring them back to finalize their purchases. This would increase your turnover. So today we focus on the abandoned cart.



Retrieving abandoned shopping carts on your e-commerce site is very easy however that your e-commerce site is hosted on Woocommerce. Just click on start a new store and follow the steps that represent a simple questionnaire on your ID and let’s go for your new career as an e-merchant! you are now the owner of an e-commerce site on Woocommerce. Then, place to install the necessary extensions according to your objectives and the creation of your product sheets.

Thus, the success of an e-merchant on Woocommerce is to know the extension that best suits his needs. Do not panic we have prepared an article on free extensions for the success of your e-commerce.

Once in possession of your e-commerce site, updated with content that you sell, it is time to observe the interactions on your e-commerce site through statistics to make a good analysis and yes one of these four mornings, certainly you will notice the abandoned shopping carts. Good! to bring these people back to finalize their purchases, there is a method: the use of emailing


As we already know, email is the third sales channel after websites and social networks. It actually allows you to follow your email subscriber list to continue to make proposals to them according to the level of engagement of subscribers: We will talk about segmentation in the email strategy to offer subscribers content that best suits them in order to better convert them.

Indeed, to have a list of subscribers to your newsletter, there is also a strategy to create forms and landing pages with lead magnet on your websites and social pages. Don’t panic this process is completely easy with mailchimp and the icing on the cake, if you are an e-commerce site owner on Woocommerce, you will be able to download the mailchimp extension and use automation elements to constantly communicate with your customers.

Just set up welcome emails, Abandoned Cart emails, product recottling emails, product recommendation emails, first purchase emails, and re-engagement emails, then they will be automatically sent based on the profile criteria you have set. With the customer journey builder in mailchimp, you can also automate the customer journey to deliver relevant content based on behavior and interactions.

Mailchimp also has the Facebook and Instagram ads recottling feature that reminds visitors to your e-commerce site of your products when they check their social media account. You can create and publish social media ads that again grab customers’ attention and increase the conversion of customers who have already taken an interest in your brand and products on your e-commerce site.

However, there are other extensions for mail on Woocommerce like Mailpoet for example.

Mailpoet provides the features you need to grow your business, right from your WordPress (Woocommerce) dashboard.

Use the list segmentation options in MailPoet to create personalized email campaigns based on your customers’ history and behavior.

You will be able to segment by total spent, number of orders, customer country, whether there is an active subscription (powered by wooCommerce Subscriptions), and whether there is an active subscription (powered by WooCommerce Memberships), in addition to specific non-WooCommerce criteria such as email opens or clicked links.

Customize your follow-up emails based on whether it’s a new customer, the exact product they purchased, or the product category. Then schedule your emails to be sent automatically immediately or X days/weeks after purchase. Win back lost sales with a series of abandoned cart emails.

And if you opt for a paid MailPoet plan, you’ll unlock the power of multi-condition segments in order to be even more targeted.


Here is as much extension for email if you want to retarget visitors who have started an order on your e-commerce site without finalizing. The choice is yours. Contact us for support.



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