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Determining the target for your offers is very interesting when you know that the closer your offers get to the needs and expectations of your prospect, the more opportunities you have to sell. Then, it becomes necessary to determine the characteristics of your ideal prospect that is to say the characteristics of your target.

The target represents all the people likely to be interested in what you offer and is determined according to the very specific variables that match your offers.

We often talk about buyer personae to represent the target but in marketing language, the target is not always the buyer personae when we know that, according to the stages of the sales funnel, the buyer personae represents the first layer of person to raise awareness to be discovered then, he becomes a prospect in the second stage because he is already sensitized to turn into a customer at the last stage if he makes a purchase and and as a brand ambassador represented in affiliate/referral programs.

Thus, the target represents the profile of the people selected at each stage of the buying process whether it is the buyer persona, the prospect or the customer to transform him into a loyal customer.

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When we talk about target in marketing, we immediately understand that it is the pioneering web marketing of targeting although even for prospecting in the field, the target intervenes at the level of cold contact.

Thus, to determine the marketing target of your offers, you must know:

  • The country and city of your buyer personae
  • Age range
  • their interests. Example: music, sports, technology, fashion…
  • His professional situation
  • Consumption habits

Indeed! all this information will be determined after you have made the choice of a niche product or service to offer because depending on your theme, you can estimate the profile of your ideal customer based on the variables mentioned above. Then, once in possession of this information, you will have more chance of selling your product while respecting the steps of the sales funnel because the more your offer matches the profile of your target, the more you will have the ability to sell. So, the first idea would be to know what the profile of your ideal customer is.

In web marketing, it’s even easier to find your ideal customer using keyword-based content on Google, the social media targeting process, and targeting on marketplaces like Amazon for customers who have a Woocommerce online store and want to further expand their audience on marketplaces.

When you are in possession of your product or service niche, first think about creating informative and educational content about your SEO-optimized offers to have a better chance of being visited by people who are looking for information typical to what you offer on Google and never forget to introduce the CTAs that make you sell. However, the online store will allow you to save in terms of distribution because it represents a multi-channel point of sale! just find the right Woocommerce software for your e-shop that you use to create SEO-optimized content, and respect the targeting on sales channels such as social networks, Google and marketplaces.

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We want to add that with WordPress plans, you can start creating a blog for SEO-optimized educational content and join an online store well after using the Woocommerce plugin that will allow you to create product listings and add SEO optimized descriptions to improve the SEO of your e-commerce site.

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Thus, thanks to WordPress, whether you need to create an informative blog for your offers or an online store, you are reassured to appear on the first page of Google search results when you respect the SEO rules and to synchronize your online store on marketplaces especially using extensions.

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Need to increase the volume of your sales, consider creating a referral or affiliate program on your offers to allow your customers to recommend your offers to their acquaintances for a reward for referring and referring it.

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