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Graphics are one of several types of content such as videos, texts, and podcasts.

Making graphics may seem simple when you have free image libraries such as pexels, pixabay, picjumbo and many others but if you have to modify the image as you wish and respect your visual identity, it begins to ask questions about how to insert for example its logo, a special color, signs in strategic places to have an image that maintains a certain tone to be easily identified on all your advertising channels.

Why do you need to be identified? identity gives you a certain personality of your own and therefore helps to stand out from all the rest to be able to better position yourself in the market. In other words, it helps to perfect your brand image which is composed of your logo, the colors of your logo and the particular content you use to sell.



Indeed, it all starts with the colors of your logo because, it is these colors that you would highlight on your graphics, medium and video décor so, the choice of colors of your logo must be very careful because each color speaks and awakens a meaning.

Once the choice of two or three colors is made, place has the realization of the logo itself but at this moment, it is still to wonder how to create a logo? It’s very simple!

Nowadays, to have a logo, you won’t need very large amounts of money just for a logo! Just subscribe to Canva to discover a finely built logo library but at this moment questions still arise! how to adapt these logos for your business? we always have answers for you:

You can change each logo in the library by resizing them, removing more icons, adding an image or a special icon from your personal photos, changing the original colors to put your colors, adding the name of your company or project… in short, all these logos are customizable to bring out a different logo specific to the image of your project.

This was only the first part because the subject that falls to us is how to make the graphics for a brand so, we enter the second part.


If you are working with a brand that already has a logo, great you will first need to know that you will exploit the colors of this logo to perfect your graphics and if this is not the case, we have seen how to create a logo in the first part. Then, once in possession of the logo, you still go to the Canva tool, at the reception, you will see pre-established images that is to say, samples of images each with a special décor to give you an idea of your final design.

You can also change the entire morphology of this design with image resizing, replace the corresponding images using the images of your products or services, using the Canva image library or using the free image libraries, replace the signs with your message and more.


You can even go so far as to save your logo in the software so that on all your final images, your logo appears automatically. It’s hypergenial how you can create branded designs from your smartphone or PC very easily just by replacing the content of a design with your personal content while resizing it, changing fonts, images and colors. It’s just wow this ability to quickly and efficiently realize branded design on Canva.

The cereise on the cake, Canva has different design categories that is to say, there is the design category for social networks, category for flyers, category for invitation billets, category for posters, category for business cards, category for logos, category for book covers… in short any category that requires a design so that you do not lack any inspiration to the realization of the images corresponding to the event you want to represent.

In addition, you can also create a team on Canva i.e. create a group to which you will invite people via a Canva link to join your team for free in order to share your designs with your team. Here are the reasons why build a team on Canva.



Having a team on Canva is very interesting for the following reasons:

  • -Real-time collaboration. Canva Pro Teams allows up to 50 team members to co-create designs, share feedback, and make design changes, all in real time.
  • -Improved communication features. For team members who work in different time zones (or for design changes that require more explanation than a written comment), Canva Pro Teams offers recording capabilities that allow users to record on their presentation and send recording changes or a personalized message to other team members via a custom link
  • No large attachments or long downloads required.
  • -Better alignment of the brand. Enabling more team members to collaborate and provide creative input on designs is a must-have feature for remote teams, but it also creates more opportunities for brand misalignment. With the Brand Kit feature, team leaders can ensure that everyone adheres to the same brand vision by downloading key brand elements (like logo, brand colors, and fonts) and storing them in one easy-to-access location.
  • -Infinite design options. Canva Pro Teams offers millions of photos and thousands of templates to choose from, offering an endless range of design possibilities for teams.
  • Better sharing and security. With sharing and security features (including revocable links, streamlined sharing, and improved content management), Canva Pro Teams makes it easier and more secure for teams to collaborate on a variety of design resources.


If you are a community manager and you want to professionalize, Canva is the essential tool to make brand graphics on social networks.

On the other hand, if you want to create business cards, posters for events, flyers and sales flyers, book covers on the front page, invitation tickets for ceremonies, Canva will still satisfy you. Try this software and bring back your impressions…


Thank you

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