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Integrating subscription options on a website can be very interesting if you want to generate recurring revenue, i.e. to be paid at a constant rate on your website for products or services that you offer. This is obviously possible thanks to subscription options that allow you to pay a weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual amount to use your offers permanently.

Most often, training companies lend themselves to this approach to sell their training or online gaming companies but this option is not defined for a particular type of service! you can create subscription options for any type of product or service at will if you need a subscription system to access what you offer. The latter will produce you a constant income.



Creating an online subscription site for your offers is first of all like creating an e-shop on Woocommerce, entering your products or services as a product sheet and adding the extensions that will allow you to create subscription options: these are the Groups for Woocommerce extension, Woocommerce subscription, All Products for WooCommerce subscriptions , Woocommerce membership.


Groups for WooCommerce allows you to sell memberships in order to automatically assign a customer to one or more groups based on the products ordered.

This extension allows you to sell unlimited subscriptions and limited-time subscriptions, allowing your customers to access restricted resources for the duration of their group membership.


Woocommerce subscription allows you to integrate various subscriptions for physical, virtual and service products. Create monthly, annual, weekly subscriptions on your online store, or even annual software billing plans. Offer free trials or set expiration periods with this extension.

Whether your goal is to deliver a set of surprise products to loyal customers every month or bill them for a particular service, you can count on WooCommerce Subscriptions to manage all your important additional services and generate residual revenue.

It also allows you to know the number of subscribers, their billing date and the turnover generated by additional service subscriptions.

With Woocommerce subscription,


Are your products consumed regularly or are your services requested periodically? Have you ever wanted to sell your products on subscription? you are on the right track!

All Products for WooCommerce Subscriptions is used to sell subscriptions to additional services on your site but if you want to allow customers to eventually subscribe to your main products or services, you will need All Products for WooCommerce Subscriptions.

With All products for Woocommerce subscription,

  • Make any simple or variable product available on subscription, without changing the way your inventory is managed.
  • Offer discounts as an additional incentive to subscribe.
  • Offer subscription plans in the shopping cart to give customers a last-minute opportunity to subscribe
  • Allow customers to add products or baskets to their subscriptions
  • Offer configurable subscription boxes


WooCommerce Memberships is an easy-to-use comprehensive membership solution that brings together your content, store, and memberships.

You can limit your content exclusively to members, but you can also plan when members will have access to it. Sell access to member memberships, include memberships with product purchases, manually assign memberships, and fully integrate member benefits to attract members to re-subscribe.

With Woocommerce Memberships,

  • Sell a membership as a stand-alone product: create a product for membership, and then link the plan to that product to sell it
  • Grant access to a membership as part of a product purchase. Example: buy a subscription for a meal box and get free access to the recipes section
  • Grant access to the same membership from multiple products (buy a monthly or annual subscription and get multiple products).
  • Manually assign memberships to an invited member area
  • Schedule content to members based on their membership time
  • Create a store exclusively for members
  • Offer free shipping to members to retain them
  • Reward members with special discounts
  • Automatically show members their benefits from the « My Account » page by clicking on « View ».
  • Import members through a CSV file to add new subscriptions or export members to a CSV file to extract member data from WooCommerce to other tools.
  • Communicate with members via email to provide customer service

When Memberships is used in complementarity with Woocommerce subscription, Memberships allows you to:

  • Use recurring billing (i.e., monthly payments) for membership rather than a defined duration (such as a year).
  • Use Subscriptions as a payment plan, but control the access time automatically to support installment payments.
  • Free trials can be used for membership via a subscription.
  • Restricting and delivering scheduled content can include or exclude free trial periods, allowing you to control the content available in trials.
  • Members can discontinue their own memberships by suspending a subscription.
  • Members can upgrade or downgrade memberships by changing a subscription.
  • Upgrades and downgrades can leverage pro rata payment from Subscriptions to ensure accurate membership costs.

Note: You can also create subscriptions exclusively for your blog content directly through the editing block that offers you a menu called premium content and that allows you to pay to access the rest of the article started. This is directly possible with WordPress blogs.


If you need to sell products or services as a subscription, offer additional services on your online store as a subscription, introduce trial periods on your products or services, generate recurring revenue through subscriptions to your offers or subscriptions for special discounts, special content or free gifts , here are all extensions that will allow you to achieve your goals while allowing members to re-subscribe, cancel the subscription as well as follow up with member emails for better customer service.

Contact us for support or start our e-commerce training that details how to do an online market research and how to update your online store according to your needs.



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