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To succeed in e-commerce, you will need to sell a product that fits the needs of the market you are targeting. Thus, you need to reassure yourself that there is a market for the project you want to launch and this requires in-depth market research. Then, once the request is analyzed and judged positive, you can start the procedures of creating your online store which is quite simple when you go directly through Woocommerce. Finally, once the shop is created and fed with your offers, place to the installation of advertising channels, shipping methods, delivery times, loyalty points, means of promotion and more …

All these features mentioned above will be executed using the extensions that correspond exactly to them but, although these extensions are paid or others free, we know that free things are often more attractive why, we wanted to release a list of top free extensions for the success of your e-commerce.



  • Google Listings & Ads
  • LiveChat for WooCommerce
  • Jetpack
  • Woocommerce shipping
  • amazon pay
  • Google analytics
  • Coupon short code
  • Woocommerce tax
  • Paypal
  • Paystack
  • Eway
  • Hubspot for Woocommerce
  • Facebook for Woocommerce
  • Mailchimp
  • Shippo


Google listing & Ads allows you to connect your store to Google to reach millions of committed shoppers on the Google network. Sync your store with Google to make free ads for your products, show paid ads, and track performance directly from your online store dashboard. Your free ads may appear on Google Search, Google Images, and Google Shopping if you sell in the United States and if you sell outside the United States, the free ads will appear in the Google Shopping tab.

Thanks to Google Listings & Ads,

  • Connect your store seamlessly with Google Merchant Center.
  • Reach online shoppers with free ads.
  • Increase store traffic and sales with smart shopping campaigns on Google Search, Google shopping, Gmail, Youtube, and Google Display Network.


Live chat for Woocommerce allows you to ensure online customer service on your e-commerce site through a webchat window that you will insert on your online store thanks to the live chat for Woocommerce extension. You will be able to organize several chat sessions at the same time, send predefined answers to frequently asked questions, identify your chats and send files to customers via the chat widget. View the messages that customers leave when you’re away and reply to them when you’re back online.

You can also enable tracking settings that will allow you to see your customers’ cart details during a chat session, namely product details, number of products, or details of the last order. Send invitations to buyers who have triggered a shopping cart in order to maintain them for a possible purchase.


Jetpack allows you to benefit from increased security and full and ultra-fast WooCommerce backups. Thanks to Jetpack,

  • Stay ahead of security threats with automated malware scanning, authenticated client connections, and attack prevention.
  • Record all sales and restores automatically allowing you to go back to any previous point
  • Visualize statistics at a glance like order data, traffic by location, and flow trends from your online store.


Woocommerce shipping represents USPS AND DHL label printing directly from your Woocommerce dashboard to save time and money by printing your own labels to make it easier to send your packages. It adheres very well with the shipping method USPS.


Amazon pay enables hundreds of millions of active Amazon customers to complete their purchase through your online store in a secure, familiar, and fast way. Buyers can use the address and payment information already stored in their Amazon account to validate the order on your online store. This saves them from creating an account or re-entering their billing and shipping information.

With 91% of Amazon Pay customers reporting that they would use Amazon Pay again and hundreds of millions of active Amazon customers already using Amazon Pay, this can help you deliver an improved customer experience on your online store.


Google analytics is used to visualize the traffic statistics of your online store in a more in-depth way to better know your visitors so that you can better orient yourself. Thanks to Google analytics,

  • Find out which channels (Google search, social networks, email, and advertising) generate the most traffic, in order to identify which channels to spend the most time on.
  • Find out where your site is losing money by following the flow of users, from the product page, through the shopping cart, to the validation of the order.
  • Identify which products customers are interested in by comparing traffic, transactions, and revenue between products.
  • Determine what your customers are looking for by looking at which pages search engines are referring them to.



Coupon shortcodes allows you to give information about discount coupons and display the content of the information based on the validity of the coupons.

Customers can order more by offering to use specific coupons when the quantity in their cart matches the discount terms displayed on the coupon or, by offering to buy additional items so that they can use the coupon.


Wooommerce tax allows you to automatically calculate for more than 30 countries the amount of taxes to be collected for orders on your online store, by city, by state or country when validating the order. Fully optimized by Jetpack, you will simultaneously benefit from Jetpack’s guaranteed safety service.


Paypal allows your customers to pay with PayPal, have pay later options, credit and debit cards, and country-specific local payment methods on any device, all with a simple validation experience.

Grow your business by connecting with more than 370 million PayPal active accounts worldwide. Thanks to PayPal, you can sell in more than 200 markets and accept more than 100 currencies. In addition, PayPal can automatically identify the location of customers and offer local payment methods specific to that country.


Paystack allows you to accept and send secure payments by card, bank and mobile money. It allows businesses in Nigeria, Ghana and South Africa to easily accept and send secure payments from multiple local and global payment channels. With Paystack, receive payments by

  • Credit/debit cards – Visa, Mastercard, Verve (NG, GH), American Express (SA only)
  • Bank transfer (Nigeria)
  • Mobile money (Ghana)
  • Masterpass (South Africa)
  • EFT (South Africa)
  • USSD (Nigeria)
  • QR Visa (Nigeria)
  • And many more to come


Eway allows you to receive credit card payments on your e-commerce site without redirecting the customer to another third-party site. With Eway,

  • Process credit cards and all major debit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diner’s Club and JCB.
  • Supports WooCommerce subscription, WooCommerce refund API, WooCommerce Membership, and WooCommerce reservations.
  • Detect and prevent fraud with eWAY’s robust, integrated fraud prevention toolkit designed to protect your sales and customers, easily and cheaply, through your WooCommerce store.
  • Supports 3D Secure Version 1 and 2 (coming soon).
  • Is fully PCI compliant according to eWAY specifications.
  • Adds support for processing subscription payments as well as token payments allowing customers to register credit cards for future purchases.
  • Using eWAY’s Rapid 3.1 API, there is a single endpoint for payment processing, which means you only need this extension to take payment through one of eWAY’s processing countries, eWAY Australia, eWAY New Zealand, eWAY SE Asia. It uses complex DNS technology to ensure that your payment is routed to the right country.
  • Ability to host promotional flash sales in real time
  • Generate discount coupons for your customers to help them with special promotions
  • Reviews of your customers’ products
  • Upsells and automatic cross-selling
  • Intuitive order management suite


Hubspot for Woocommerce allows you to integrate the HUBSPOT CRM with your online store to track the data of your e-commerce site and exploit it on HUBSPOT for better marketing, have more sales and ensure customer service. Thanks to Hubspot for Woocommerce,

  • Sync WooCommerce data with HubSpot
  • Access orders and transactional information from each contact. You’ll have instant access to each contact’s abandoned cart details, orders, website activity, email interactions, and more.
  • Create segmented lists in HubSpot for customers, prospects, abandoned carts, and more, and send personalized emails based on the products they purchased, what they viewed on your website, the value of their orders, and other important data.
  • Generate more sales by extracting a list of contacts who have added products to their cart. See which products they have discontinued, and then send follow-up emails to remind them to check.
  • Automate your marketing by creating responsive and personalized emails based on your customers’ previous WooCommerce purchases with HubSpot’s drag-and-drop email builder. Choose one of more than 20 pre-designed email templates from HubSpot that you’ll edit with your content. All emails are automatically saved in HubSpot CRM and include tracking of opens and clicks so you can measure engagement.
  • Use hubspot integrated analytics to understand which sales and marketing efforts are more profitable and which need to be improved.
  • Create ad campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google accurately and track the ROI of each campaign.


Here are so many free extensions relevant to the success of your e-commerce. You can complete them with other important free extensions such as Facebook for Woocommerce, Mailchimp for automated customer tracking newsletters, (shippo and shipstation) for transport solutions or, refer to how to make your e-commerce site profitable, how to add the means of transport on your e-commerce site, how to add loyalty points, how to promote your offers on your e-commerce site. To you the part with this plurality of functionality that can only contribute to the success of your online activity.

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