How to promote your products on your e-commerce site? Marketing Pro

Promoting your products directly on your e-commerce site is equivalent to making promotions from time to time according to the times of the year on your e-commerce site that is to say, displaying the products on sale, the products in launch or any other proposals without however indicating it only on the social pages but also directly on your online store to give the information to all those who browse your online store to be interested.

This is quite exciting for a visitor who browses your e-commerce site and comes across a sale, a product discount or related product proposals and who can be either in the category of his purchases or another category: his incentive to make other purchases.

You have created your online store, you have configured it with extensions to make your e-commerce site profitable, you have even integrated means of transport, delivery times and a loyalty point system to retain customers on your e-commerce site. How to launch promotions, sales, events on your online store in order to activate sales to manage it exactly like a physical store and benefit from its benefits?



Creating an online store, entering your offers as a product sheet and updating it is not enough. In addition to adding delivery times, shipping methods, channels to make your e-commerce site profitable, loyalty points, all the work is not yet finished because your shop must be dynamic just like a supermarket that has periods of great sales, and special events to lure the visitor. So today we are going to see how to energize your online store in other words, how to promote your products or services on your online store?

Top extensions to offer general promotions:

  • Sale flash pro
  • Top bar
  • Sale countdown for Woocommerce
  • Storewide sale for Woocommerce
  • Deals for Woocommerce
  • Frequently bought together
  • Best sellers for Woocommerce


Sale flash pro allows you to encourage sales on your e-shop by indicating to the customer the savings he can make on a given product. Instead of just mentioning the product for sale, the Sale Flash Pro extension allows you to control the display of flash sales globally and by product. You will be able to indicate the delivery as a percentage (%) or in the form of a discounted amount.



Top bar allows you to create one or more promotion notification bars and add them to specific products, categories, home page, blog, shopping cart, payment, and other pages. You can bring design to each notification bar with a custom background, text size, text font, button, and countdown timer to give your visitors a sense of urgency. You can also customize the button text, background color and links, make the bar sticky or fixed, and display multiple promotion notification bars.

With the WooCommerce Top Bar plugin,

  • Create multiple promotion notification bars
  • Show the notification bar at the top or bottom of the page
  • Show notification bar on selected products, categories, and other pages
  • Option to make the top bar sticky
  • WYSIWYG editor to style the contents of your top bar
  • Add a custom background image
  • 2 Countdown to choose from
  • Customize text color, font, and add custom CSS
  • Option to include a CTA button (call to action)
  • Customize button text, background, and color
  • Display multiple notification bars one at a time.


Sale countdown for woocommerce allows you to increase sales with the countdown to a timer to create a sense of urgency that forces users to place orders immediately. You can view sales countdowns on the home page, on the product pages, and customize the timer. You can choose from the included timer styles, the position on the product pages and customize the text and background of the timer with bright colors to make it appear!

With Sales Countdown Timer for WooCommerce

  • View sales timers and view quantity countdowns
  • Apply multiple discounts on specific products and categories
  • View the sales timer on the home page and on individual product pages
  • Choose classic or advanced timer style
  • Show timers below product price or image
  • Customize text and colors
  • Import/export delivery rules in Excel or CSV
  • Supports variable products


Storewide sale for Woocommerce enables you to enable global sales for products, product categories, labels, or for the entire store without changing each product. You can define the store-wide sale as a percentage or a fixed discount and specify the start and end dates of the sale.

It is time-consuming to add selling prices by individual products. This extension allows you to list products in bulk with a single click. Store owners can include/exclude specific products, product categories, and product labels for store-wide sales.

With Storewide Sale for WooCommerce,

  • Enable sales by product category.
  • Specify a start and end date for the sale.
  • Specify the type of sale as a fixed value reduction or percentage.
  • Include/exclude products, product categories, and product labels for store-wide sales.
  • Enable/disable store-wide sales notification.
  • Plan store-wide sales for an online store.


Deals for WooCommerce allows you to present promotional offers to your customers. It has a dedicated page with two sections, one to view product offers and the other to view payment gateway offers. Each of these sections has three subsections namely: current offers, upcoming offers, missed offers.

With Deals for Woocommerce,

  • You can impose restrictions on your inventory so that only limited quantities of a product have a promotional price.
  • The maximum amount of product that a customer can purchase at a discount price is limited to one product per order. If a customer chooses to pay the original price instead, they can choose any quantity of product.
  • A progress bar tracks the inventory of promotional transactions on the dedicated transactions page and on the single product page.
  • A countdown timer displays the start time and end time of a promotion.
  • Customers see the original price. You can enter the promotional price, as well as the amount and percentage of savings.
  • Site administrators can monitor the performance of their transaction campaigns from a separate table.


Frequently bought together allows you to recommend products that are often purchased together. A customer who buys a phone probably needs a case and a few headphones. So take the opportunity to offer as much product as possible. You can offer buyers relevant recommendations and product bundles.

With Frequently Bough Together for WooCommerce,

  • Specify the product variation available for discounts and bundles or, let customers choose a product variation.
  • Create bulk upsells for each product in a category from the recommendations
  • Customize the display of the widget on the product page, its position on the page, user interface styles, titles.
  • Create special offers with two, three, or more products.
  • Assign multiple special offers to a single product.
  • Manage all bonuses from a dedicated page.
  • Use the express edition on the wp-admin product pages.
  • Assign a discount percentage for each product in the bundle, or a flat-rate discount for the entire bundle.
  • Turn off and on bundles without removing them completely from your store.


Best sellers for Woocommerce allows you to view all your best-selling products on a separate page and add rankings to single product pages. When the buyer visits the unique product page of the highest ranked best-selling, they see a best-selling badge, a best-selling seal, the product ranking, and a link to the best-selling products in that category.

With Best sellers for Woocommerce,

  • Create bestsellers for simple or variable products.
  • Create a separate page to display top sales, so you have a handy link to use in email marketing and social media.
  • Customize the number of products displayed on the bestsellers page.
  • Decide whether to calculate best sales based on the total number of items, total sales, or total number of items/sales in a given period.
  • Add a Best Seller badge and sale to the single product page of your #1 seller, and choose from multiple styles.
  • Ready for translation.


If you want to promote your offers on your online store, here are so many extensions that will allow you to activate sales to the point of allowing discounts on unique products for a product in launch or a product that must be quickly sold, discounts on product categories, discounts on the whole shop or proposals for related products , best-selling products to help your visitors always find the product that best suits them in order to improve your overall sales.

Use these extensions to ensure sales on your e-commerce site and periods of large sales or promotion.

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