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Integrating loyalty points in addition to meeting delivery deadlines is one way to encourage people who buy on your site to come back and make purchases. It is in other words a sales bait because as soon as you know you can win a bonus, you are tempted to come back and try your short luck to benefit from the prize to be won. So, for an e-retailer who wants to boost its sales, integrating loyalty points on your e-commerce site becomes an unavoidable strategy.



Integrating loyalty points simply means rewarding a customer who has made a certain number of purchases on your site. To do this, you must indicate on the site how to receive a loyalty gift and report the bonus to be won. Here are the best extensions to insert loyalty gifts.

  • Woocommerce give product
  • Woocommerce points and reward
  • Free gift coupon
  • Woocommerce store crédit
  • Gift cards
  • buy one get one free
  • Free gifts for Woocommerce
  • Woocommerce group coupons
  • Woocommerce coupon restriction


Woocommerce give product allows you to offer product gifts to a customer using a simplified procedure that triggers a free order to the selected customer.

On the WooCommerce Give Products interface, simply select the customer you want to offer the products to, choose the products to offer and click the « Offer the product » button and hoops the free order is validated which is used to offer the so-called gifts.


Woocommerce points and rewards rewards customers’ purchases with points that entitle them to discounts on the site. Points can be awarded per product, category or order basket, and you can control the maximum discount per point.

Thanks to Woocommerce points and rewards,

  • Set the number of points earned for purchases and the value of points for discounts.
  • Check the maximum discount that can be obtained when points are used at the basket, category or product level.
  • Award points for actions such as registering or writing a review of a product.
  • Apply points earned to all previous orders so customers can start redeeming their points immediately for discounts.
  • Quickly adjust the points balance for a customer.
  • View a log of all changes made to customer points

Points are earned when you purchase based on the conversion rate you have set. For example, customers can earn 1 point for every Dollar spent. This conversion rate can be changed at the category or product level, so you can encourage customers to buy certain products. Points earned are displayed on the product page as well as on the basket or order validation page.

Customers can redeem their points for discounts based on the conversion rate you have set. For example, 100 points may qualify for a Dollar discount. You can set a maximum discount to the basket, product or product category that will limit the discount available.


Free gift coupon rewards or attracts customers with a free gift.
With Free gift coupon, you can give a free item (s) to any customer depending on your coupon configuration, i.e., you can set up for a minimum basket amount before the coupon is applied.

With Free gift coupon, coupons allow all the same usage limits and usage restriction and you can offer gift variables. Example: Give a free garment and let customers choose their own size directly in the basket!



Woocommerce store crédit increases your sales with in-store credit-style coupons.

With Woocommerce store credit,

  • Store credit coupons allow your customers to make multiple purchases until the credit runs out or the coupon expires.
  • It can be used as a personal refund card or compensation card in case of a problem with your product or service.
  • Email a single store credit coupon to your customers.
  • Sell store credit coupons to your customers for their own use or as gift cards.
  • Allow multiple coupon purchases or limit their use.
  • The coupon may be limited to specific products or product categories.
  • As an option, store credit coupons can also apply a discount to shipping costs.
  • Apply the coupon before or after taxes to adjust to the regulations of your country or state.
  • Allow your customers to apply the store’s credit coupons in combination with other coupons or individually.
  • The discount on coupons is reflected in all order items (items, taxes, shipping costs, etc.), and not just in total orders.
  • Easy integration with external tools such as ERPs.
  • Personalize emails, coupon code format, etc.
  • In-store credit vouchers can be generated by yourself or purchased by your customers in your online store for their own use or as a gift card. Once your customers receive the credit, they can exchange it during the checkout and get a discount on the total order.


Gift cards allows you to sell and accept prepaid and versatile electronic gift certificates in your WooCommerce store. Recurring customers can pay with funds from gift cards stored in their accounts, making instant online purchases a lot easier.

While your customers enjoy the convenience and security of a digital wallet built into your store, you reap the benefits of increased loyalty. For new customers, the extension preserves the ability to apply gift card codes just before ordering.

With Gift card, customers can:

  • Choose a delivery date in the future.
  • Send a personal message to the recipient.
  • Add multiple recipients.
  • Choose a gift card variant based on the occasion.

The e-trader can:

  • Sell simple and variable gift certificates.
  • Create expiring codes.
  • Let customers choose a custom delivery date.
  • Send to multiple recipients.
  • Search and modify gift certificates issued by code, sender or recipient.
  • Record and search for store-wide transactions by code or customer.
  • Generate balance reports issued, purchased and expired.
  • Have import and export gift card codes.
  • Let customers enter a personalized amount to purchase? The extension works perfectly with Name Your Price, the most popular and robust WooCommerce plugin to allow customers to decide what to pay.
  • Keep track of each code issued
  • Generate balance reports for published, purchased and expired codes.


Buy one get one free allows a customer to give one or more free items when they buy an item in the same category.

With Buy One Get One Free:

Offer a portable bag if shoppers buy one or more items in the Laptop category.
Allow buyers to choose a free product in the makeup category when they purchase one or more items in the beauty category.
Add a similar item to the basket for free when the customer buys an item.

Gifts help attract the customer to buy over and over again to get as many gifts as well, your sales will grow.


Free Gifts for WooCommerce allows you to offer free gifts to your customers in four ways:

  1. The administrator can manually send free gifts to any user
  2. Gifted products can be automatically added to the user’s shopping cart
  3. Customers can choose their gift on the shopping cart page
  4. The administrator can offer free gifts to customers in the form of « Y for the price of X » (for example, two for the price of one)

Thanks to Free gift for Woocommerce,

  • Make free gift discounts for purchases made on the site
  • Free gifts can be automatically added to the user’s shopping cart
  • Customers can choose their free gifts
  • The administrator can create an unlimited number of rules in advance
  • The rules for free gifts can be configured based on the sub-total/quantity of the basket
  • The administrator can manually offer free gifts to any user
  • The maximum number of free gifts per order can be customized
  • Free gifts can be limited if a WooCommerce promo code has already been applied to the shopping cart
  • The administrator can limit the multiple quantities of the same product chosen as a free product.


Woocommerce group coupon allows you to give coupons to members of a well-defined group on your online store. So, to benefit from the discount, you have to be part of the created group. So you can create groups on your online store intentionally.

With Woocommerce group coupon,

  • Make exclusive discount coupons for group members with the free group membership plugin
  • Make exclusive discount coupons for group roles
  • View target groups and roles on a preview
  • Nice coupons via shortcodes
  • Helps cover many promotional and marketing cases


Woocommerce coupon restriction allows you to specify coupons based on new customer status, existing customers, user roles, specific countries, specific states or provinces, and specific postcodes.

With Woocommerce coupon restriction,

  • Offer discounts on the first sale to first customers to attract them
  • Offer specific discounts to existing customers on one of your new products or special discounts on your products
  • Offer discounts to your site staff or members of a membership site that uses specific roles
  • Offer country-specific coupons to take advantage of special events such as black friday for example
  • Offer coupons limited to one or more postcodes


If you own a  Woocommerce e-commerce site, here are all the extensions that reward your repeat customers with coupons and gift products to build loyalty and even attract new customers with new customer discounts to trigger a sale. Use these extensions according to their particularities to benefit from their specificities according to your needs! You have a wide choice to attract and maintain customers on your online store in order to ensure loyalty. It’s up to you

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