What are the different shipping methods on your e-commerce site? Marketing Pro

When we say the different methods of shipping, this includes the different means of transport that you can integrate into your site to ensure deliveries.

Indeed, on your e-commerce site, you can set delivery times and charge the transport costs directly incorporated into the total cost of the goods or the order basket. Second, let’s not forget that transportation costs are calculated based on the distance of delivery and the means of transportation used to deliver. So, it is to be asked what are the different means of transport available to integrate it on your e-commerce site to facilitate the calculation?

Nice question we always have solutions for you! Because thanks to your Woocommerce online store, you have extensions that allow you to set delivery times, you also have extensions that allow you to integrate shipping methods to automatically calculate delivery times based on the chosen shipping method and place of delivery.

Let’s go! What are the extensions that allow you to add shipping features to incorporate it into delivery costs?



We’ve said it before! adding a feature to your Woocommerce online store is represented by an extension that matches that specific need so, every time we talk about adding a feature to your e-commerce site, we’ll give you the extension that fits that typical need. So, to add transportation to your online store, here are the necessary extensions:

  • Shippo
  • Methode d’expedition USPS
  • Intégration de shipstation
  • Aramex
  • Russian post and EMS
  • Colissimo
  • New zealand post


Shippo provides access to the global market through pre-negotiated discounts from USPS, UPS, DHL, and access to more than 50 additional global carriers.

Thanks to Shippo,

  • Orders are automatically imported from your WooCommerce store.
  • You can compare fares between multiple carriers and service levels to find the best shipping option.
  • Print shipping labels, packaging slips and international customs documents in several formats.
  • Plan carrier pickers and send tracking information to your customers.
  • Automatically include return labels for free with all your orders. Pay only if your customers use them for returns.
  • Connect to multiple e-commerce sites


Usps shipping method represents the largest distribution network in the United States. Your shop should use the U.S. dollar as your currency and define the U.S., U.S. Virgin Islands or Puerto Rico as the base country. It’s very convenient with Woocommerce shipping which allows you to print labels of your domestic and international shipments directly from your Woocommerce dashboard in order to save up to 67% on shipping to the United States.


ShipStation integration is the facilitator of your delivery no matter where you sell using either your Woocommerce site, Ebay, all Amazon markets, Walmart.com, or Groupon Goods. Save money by offering you the lowest USPS fares available and a diverse choice of carriers. It doesn’t matter what your level is! Whether it’s 20 cards to deliver per day or more, you have access to usPS discounts the most important pus.

You can also get great discounts on FedEx (up to 29% off) or use your negotiated rates. This extension is UPS Ready certified worldwide, supports DHL in the U.S., Canada, the U.K. and Australia, and offers many other carriers.
In Canada, it is possible to deliver with Canada Post and Purolator. In Australia, there is Sendle as a smart, carbon-neutral option.

Plus, with this extension, you can print wirelessly and easily share your printer with ShipStation Connect. Manage your business while on the go with ShipStation Mobile, the industry’s only mobile app (free for iOS and Android) and do everything from your phone or tablet (creating orders, printing labels, sending back labels via email).


Aramex one of the world’s leading providers of logistics and transportation solutions, it calculates shipping rates and discusses possible fares directly online. With Aramex, you can calculate shipping rates for your customers’ orders directly on the cash screen.

The different types of parcels offered by Aramex are: priority document, priority package, priority letter, deferred document, deferred parcel, document, parcel. Rates are calculated using the pickup location provided, has an advanced custom box packaging solution.

Note Well: Specify opening and closing times to avoid timing issues.


Russian post and EMS is the ultimate shipping method for Russia. It allows your customers to choose delivery points based on their address in Russia. Thanks to Russian post and EMS,

  • Sync commands with the Russian post dashboard with the click of a button
  • Get and automatically send the track number
  • Automatically change the order status based on tracking
  • Create options for free shipping
  • Include database with all Russian regions and cities
  • Automatically select the postcode based on customer address
  • Normalize customer address, avoiding type errors and not existing addresses
  • Recalculate shipping costs based on selection of cod payment methods
  • Additional options for shipping classes and shipping method adjustments
  • Support for dashboards with multiple OPS points
  • Support two different dashboards for different types of shipments
  • Flexible options for shipping courses


Collissimo ensures shipping in France and internationally. Its services include:

  • Colissimo FRANCE
  • Colissimo Emballage FRANCE
  • Colissimo Europe
  • Colissimo Outre Mer
  • Colissimo Economique Outre-Mer
  • Colissimo International
  • Colissimo Emballage International


New zealand post allows deliveries to New Zealand. When a customer enters their shipping information, the cost of shipping the order is calculated based on the weight and size of the product. This returns the shipping rate for the customer. Save time by manually calculating shipping costs and avoiding unexpected shipping costs.

The extension requires your store to use the currency NZ Dollars and New Zealand as the base country. It works mainly with mm and kg, but other units can be converted automatically.


Arrived under our various means of transport possible for your e-commerce site, you have had all the shipping methods available if you want to deliver in all Europe, the United States, Russia, England, New Zealand… Use each of these different extensions to integrate a shipping method depending on the country of your customers and set delivery times based on our top extension for delivery time.

Contact us for support.



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