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Among the customer loyalty factors such as the qualities of the products or services you offer, we have delivery which represents the very important character of the loyalty aspect. Indeed, satisfaction is the element that drives the customer to order another product and even recommend you to his loved ones. How do you ensure satisfaction? with a product that meets the needs and expectations of your customer delivered within a time frame that you have specified to put the customer in confidence. So, respect for delivery times and the quality of the product delivered are the very secret of customer loyalty.

How do you display delivery times on your e-commerce site to ensure customer satisfaction and therefore loyalty?


To view the delivery time on your online store, it’s easy! I give you some extensions that will allow you to display the delivery time on your Woocommerce site to ensure customer satisfaction.


  • Order delivery
  • Delivery slots
  • Local pickup plus
  • Delivery slots for Woocommerce


Order delivery for Woocommerce allows the customer to choose their delivery date based on a date range you have set up and the different Woocommerce shipping methods. Depending on the location and method of shipping, you can add an additional fee or cancel delivery locations, determine unique delivery days, indicate your production time and delivery schedule ranges, change your settings at any time to keep control of promotional and intense activity periods. Also, the extension automatically calculates the delivery date and time for each renewal based on the customer’s preferences.

With order delivery for Woocommerce:

  • View the estimated delivery period under the checkout form.
  • Limit the number of orders to be delivered in a day or time to avoid work overloads and problems with your shipments.
  • Prioritize your orders based on the last day scheduled to ship the different orders to meet the delivery.
  • Specify dates when deliveries are not available.
  • Turn off specific date ranges for shipping and/or delivery to specific countries or regions.
  • Classify your shipping methods with a delivery range. Example: 1 day, 2-3 days, etc.
  • Excellent integration with WooCommerce Subscriptions, which allows you to create subscriptions with recurring payment to display the delivery ranges of subscription products or normal products in your store
  • Automated email notifications and admin views with the chosen delivery date.


Delivery slots is also an extension that allows you to display delivery dates on your e-commerce site to increase customer satisfaction by allowing the customer to choose their delivery date and time. However, you can limit the number of orders per day per hour to make delivery easier, charge additional delivery fees, install flexible delivery and collection slots, and customize field tags as soon as your customer selects a shipping method but there’s still plenty of functionality:

Your customers can book a seat before shopping to avoid any misunderstanding at the checkout. The default booking time is 30 minutes but you can change it from the settings page. Get a detailed overview of upcoming and booked orders so you and your staff know exactly when to prepare orders. Set minimum and maximum delivery dates, automatically generate slots, disable the date and time picker based on the products in the shopping cart… Switch date and time fields based on the selected method and shipping area, and assign slots to specific shipping methods.


Locals pickup plus allows your customers to pick up their purchased products. This extension is ideal for stores with only one location but is also used for stores with multiple locations or distribution centers.

By using Local Pickup Plus, your customers know exactly where to get their products, and you know where to wait for them. Customers will see a list of pickup locations available for each product (you can choose to allow only one pickup location per order), and they can choose locations that allow them to receive orders where they want.

Thanks to local pickup plus,

  • Set up multiple pickup locations for the customer to choose a pickup location at the checkout
  • Selected pickup location is displayed in the customer’s account – Check the Order page, order emails and order the administrator
  • Allow, require or restrict pickup for individual products and product categories
  • Determine whether each product can be picked up at a different location, or if only one pickup location is available per order
  • If you allow pick-up locations by item, you can even limit the products available at one location
  • Set costs or discounts to choose pickup for a package
  • Define export and import pickup locations via CSV
  • Notify store managers or locations using a list of email addresses when an order contains a pick-up truck at a given location
  • Set business days and opening times to authorize or require the selection of a new pickup date
  • Limit the number of pickup appointments available for a time slot
  • Compatible with several plugins, such as WooCommerce Customer / Order CSV Export and WooCommerce Print Invoices – Packing Lists
  • Support google Maps geocoding to sort locations remotely from the customer
  • Supports multiple shipping methods per order
  • Use the pick-up location as a taxable address


Delivery slots for Woocommerce allows you to make a choice of delivery date as well as order delivery rates based on your configurations.

The user adds products to the basket and goes to the checkout page. Then the delivery estimate will appear on the checkout page. On the checkout page, the user can select a date and time for delivery, a delivery time slot. Another option is possible as on the single product page, the delivery estimate is automatically displayed and when the user adds a product to his cart, the delivery date of the product appears below his title or, on a product page, the delivery date calendar appears and the user can choose a date, slot or delivery time.

Thanks to Delivery slots for woocommerce

  • Estimate order delivery
  • Set an order delivery date
  • Set an order delivery date and one hour
  • Set order delivery date and slots
  • Estimate product delivery
  • Set a product delivery date
  • Set a product delivery date and one hour
  • Set a product delivery date and time slot


If you own a Woocommerce e-commerce site, here are four different types of extensions that will allow you to set delivery dates and times depending on where you buy. You can choose the extension that works best for you.

Find out how to make your online store profitable.



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