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Creating a website is the first intention you need to have if you own an activity or intend to undertake. Why a website? because thanks to a website, you have better visibility on the net, you are able to maintain your customers with updated information on your site and, moreover, you can expand the scope of your activity outside your city or country without resorting to another website.

Do you know how to make your webdesign successful.

Then, beyond the fact that the website allows you to present your activity on the net, it improves your credibility by the information you bring and therefore facilitates your sales power but that’s not all: you can migrate your website to an online store.



We all know the benefits of a website. There are quite many of them who know how to have a presence on the internet, it is the showcase of your activity, free internationalization using the SEO, possibility to receive a payment … but when it comes to starting the design of a website, it’s time to ask what software to choose to make it happen.

It’s a pretty complex question when you don’t master the different software that allows you to design a website, but today we’re going to make it easier for you with the most used, most convenient software with the ability to add countless features to the running of your website, namely the software is a CMS i.e. a system that allows you to manage content and as a reminder, the content is the basis of the success of any activity on the web because, it is thanks to the content that we can identify you in short give you a certain brand image. Content is the number one element that enhances your business. Then you need software that will be able to host your content and make it visible to the public and that’s where comes in. Why we’re going to find out.

One of the first riches of is that the maintenance of the site is not yours, ie, the updates of the various extensions that make your site work are entirely assured by the support. This option gives you enough time to focus only on producing the right content to bait your target then, this same support is available online to give you advice on demand on the design of the structure of your website but that’s not all! There are still good surprises! With, you can migrate from a showcase website to an e-commerce site just by changing the starter plan to a Pro plan.

Do you know why Woocommerce is the best extension for your e-commerce.

Good! What good news! you can start as a simple blogger and become an e-trader or dropshipper in the next few months it all depends on you without changing work platform. It’s quite motivating to learn that owning a website on the platform gives you huge opportunities and the heart of the cakes, the security of your online transactions and your website against cyber attackers is fully assured by the free JETPACK extension that covers all cybersecurity damage.


So, to have a website on it’s being able to create a site or blog according to the plan that suits you best and that goes from free plan to Pro plan. It is to sell online using its diversified means of payment (PayPal, visa card, mastercard) which are offered to you in a battery to allow the customer to make a choice. It’s producing attractive content using its built-in free image bank, it’s having multiple sharing options on different social networks using a tab to activate on the dashboard. It means having the ability to create subscriptions to your content using your editing block menu and receive payments or donations for your content by PayPal or Stripe.

In short, the richness of lies in facilitating operations either using your dashboard, or the menu of your editing block still called Gutenberg Block. If you have knowledge of Words or Excel, you are able to create and manage a website on! just add free online support help when you’ve opted for a WordPress Pro plan. It’s up to you.

We are always available to assist you in creating and updating your showcase or e-commerce website. Contact us.



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