Customer service-how to ensure customer service online? Marketing Pro

Customer service, as the name suggests, is customer service. It determines the relationship you need to maintain with the customer to ensure customer satisfaction and therefore loyalty to transform them into a brand ambassador.

Customer service is usually held by the marketing staff’s sales team. Its role is to close the sale with the prospect and provide after-sale service.

In the technique of digital marketing, the marketing director’s role is to establish the marketing strategy and marketing plan and to ensure its execution by its management team. While, salespeople who are part of the marketing team, but are exclusively sellers, have the role of ensuring the sales that was facilitated by giving them a lead database obtained when executing the marketing plan.

So today we want to know how to ensure customer service and especially online customer service?


Customer service is part of the sales force. In other words, it is the art of getting a prospect to buy a product or service. Generally, it is made by phone call to schedule an appointment in person to close a sale. Thus, it will have the duty to take customer feedback to improve the quality of the product or service. It therefore ensures customer satisfaction and after-sales service in terms of information.

Customer service is the intermediary between the customer and the company, the final path that leads to the sale. It’s pretty obvious when you have a prospect database that you can gradually contact to push them to buy but when it comes to providing customer service directly online how to go about it?


Online customer service is not provided by salespeople because salespeople are not part of the online team: they are the field men. Online customer service is provided by each manager of each platform.

-For social networks, customer service is provided by the community manager

-For websites, customer service is provided by the webmaster (the person in charge of managing the entire website and its content) or the e-commerce manager for e-ommerce sites via a window built into the website called webchat.

-For newsletters, the newsletter manager manages the newsletters while leading the prospect to a purchase directly online.

However, for the success of customer service, the various managers are closely in collaboration when we know that to have a subscriber list to the newsletter, you need a special technique on the website and social networks.

In addition, since in the case of social networks and websites, the manager is not connected 7 days a day, 24 hours a day, there are online leads that they lose and to recover them, you have to automate the system: Messenger Bot will intervene.


Messenger Bot is the automation of your online customer tracking in order to engage any visitor who takes action on your site or on your business page.

With Messenger Bot, plan your social media posts, plan responses to your comments on social networks, plan answers to frequently asked questions for private messaging on your business pages, integrate a webchat window on your showcase or e-commerce website (Woocommerce) and plan answers to questions on the webchat window, send newsletters planned in batches or sequences depending on consumer behavior , sync your social media followers’ list to start their personalized tracking with sending emails or private messages en masse and that’s not all You can easily transfer subscriber data to your own CRM (customer relationship management still called customer service management) or other tools with Zapier or use messenger Bot’s subscriber manager as your CRM!

With Messenger Bot, you save time and money by automating customer service. Try Messenger Bot for free and discover its huge features.



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