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As stated in one of our interviews in the Entrepreneurship section of the Cdigitale website, where I spoke in the secrets of an entrepreneur’s success, I stipulated that:

The essential assets that an entrepreneur must develop lie in the commitment that is love in every act you take, the organization that is to plan its objectives to achieve them gradually, and finally the marketing aspect that is the essential element for any business.

The first quality speaks of love because indeed, can we support a project that we do not like? its is the first question then, the organization intervenes not to confuse you in the work and above all, to have a traceability and a behavior to follow for a better established work. Finally, the marketing aspect that is unavoidable! Why unavoidable? because the final objective in a project is revenue, i.e. sales and to achieve sales, marketing is the first branch that intervenes in order to know how to establish supply, set a selling price, face competition, communicate and ensure distribution.

However, why did we say that passion is necessary for an entrepreneur? that is the title of our article. We will give you the reasons in the next few lines.



To start with it is a great commitment when you know that you are responsible for your project and that the decisions for the smooth running of your business are yours. You become a manager and the failure or success of your business will depend on you. So your personal motivation matters a lot. Passion comes about because it is a personal motivation.

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It’s quite exciting to know that you are becoming a manager and that now you can make decisions but if the decisions are not strategic, beware! you’re sinking into bankruptcy. Thus, there is seriousness to put in the management of a company especially the mastery of your field of activity to be a true expert when we know that the primary success of a company lies in the quality of its services and the good customer relationship but before entering the marketing aspect, let’s see in more detail the reasons for the passion.

Being passionate simply means loving what you do, feeling it flowing through your veins in other words, owning the DNA of the thing.

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Love is a feeling that soothes the mind. It’s stress therapy. Love makes you happy and provides good humor so, when you love your activity, you do it because it makes you happy at first, and secondly, you have the daily motivation to start which gives you the good mood of the day so, instead of working, you feel like you are flourishing and work then becomes a part of pleasure.

It’s even better to feel fulfilled when you undertake because as an entrepreneur, you are free to do your things and you can then procrastrate (have a little laziness) because you don’t have the pressure of a boss, you are the boss and watch out for the unanted of your project.

It is true that even as a boss, there is the purpose of making money that can motivate you every day but to earn this money, it is a long process that requires organized work, daily improvement and patience. If you don’t like your business, you won’t have the patience you need and the good humour that motivates you on a daily basis to carry out your project.

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So to be an entrepreneur is to be passionate to be able to persevere. This is also the basis of the success of any entrepreneurial activity because, you will have the right reflexes, you will face objections out of love for your project, you will always be in search of the best even when the activity will not produce yet: it is the power of love. Accept what you do, fight for what you do and win in what you do. To your success…

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