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A long time ago, to become a book author, you had to go through big publishing houses that are expensive… So being a book author was not given. It was not only granted to the great intellectuals and enthusiasts, but also, you had to put your hand in your pocket and be really excellent in your field to be accepted. But today, although the quality remains de rigueur, one just needs his brush to become an author. I will explain it in the next few lines.



To become a book author, nothing too complicated! Just have a subject you’re going to write about and to be the author of several books, don’t panic bring together every problem to solve as a book. Then you can use microsoft words to tell your story digitally. It all depends on your field of choice and the experience you want to share. When everything is clean without fail and registered as a microsoft words file, go to the Kinder Direct Publishing platform and follow the steps to create an account for free.

After creating the account, you can already enter your story by clicking publish a book on the home page. Follow the steps of creating your book by filling out the form that will appear, and that constitutes simple information about your work and your personal data. Throughout the filling, you will face the demand for the cover photo of your book and we have the Canva software that produces excellent photos of customizable covers for books and e-books that you will use, to create your cover photos and attach to your form.

Creating a book via Kinder Direct Publishing is the simplest and free process. No official document is required but just a beautiful story that brings value to the future reader and a captivating cover photo that says much more about the contents of the book. At the end, choose the method of payment of commissions and the price of your book and you publish it in peace. You can publish your book as a digital book or paperback (printable on paper).

As soon as your book is approved, you will be able to create an author profile and associate all your books in the future. It’s simple and convenient! All you have to do is turn your next idea into a book for sale. While lying in your room, out of activity, there’s the craft of book author that can make you big when you create inspiring stories.

It doesn’t matter what the field is! from fiction, children’s books, romance to business management books, all fields are represented. Find the area where you feel most comfortable and create books. For a blogger, it’s also a new avenue to expand your writing activity and earn extra income. To your success…

We are always available to guide you in the creation of your book, from content to publication. Contact us or enjoy our different books.



Thank you

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