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Dropshipping is selling on a website, a commodity that you do not have in stock and which is delivered to the end consumer by the supplier for a profit that you have set according to your charges of managing the online store and advertising campaign.


In other words, dropshipping or being dropshipper means taking a qualified product from wholesale sites like Aliexpress, Alibaba in the agreement with a product supplier and coming to position it on your online store by adding a profit margin so that, as soon as you order on your site, you pass the information to the supplier for it to make the delivery.

So it’s a big business quite interesting besides because because of its mechanism, it is easy to achieve. Just create an online store through Woocommerce, combine the necessary plugin that will allow you to drag products from the supplier site to your site and you start the mechanism in peace in your office or room at will. If you already have a wordpress blog, simply migrate to the pro plan and create an online shop page in your blog that will allow you to enter the products for sale.

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But that’s not all: let’s discover together the pros and cons of dropshipping.



As we have stated so well, dropshipping is a simple business to set up and has many advantages that we quote:

  • Easy to start
  • Zero merchandise stock that eliminates the cost of storage and store rent
  • Exoneration of the delivery charge that frees the mind
  • Opportunity to sell in all countries delivered by suppliers

Dropshipping is then a great online business opportunity that requires zero stock of merchandise and zero delivery hassle for the dropshipper in addition, it allows you to sell even outside your country of residence provided that the new market is potential and the supplier can deliver in that country. See how to communicate internationally?

This is the new business to start but also, it has limitations that we have called drawbacks.


The inconvenients of dropshipping reside in the choice of the right suppliers, i.e. active suppliers who make their deliveries in due form within the deadlines you have set on your online store which is usually 14 days or more depending on the distance.

Indeed, for the success of dropshipping or any e-commerce activity in general, delivery times and the quality of the product delivered are aspects of customer loyalty. So, if the supplier does not deliver a product that arrived under the right conditions on time, it will destroy the credibility of your online store with a lot of product return. You will be constantly in refunds and a certain bankruptcy.


The best practices of dropshipping are to know how to make the right choice of a product niche for sale, how to find the best suppliers, respect the mandatory pages on an e-commerce site, know all the fields of advertising channels you have, know how to create product sheets that convert, make the right choice of software for your online shop in occurrence Woocommerce that allows you to display your products for free on the search engines and more Still…

We are available to assist you in the creation and realization of your online shop dropshipping through our e-commerce training but also, to give you all the secrets of how to start with a small budget and grow as you go. You can also get this e-book which gives you all the information on how the dropshipping unfolds according to your financial capacity. To your success… Health.




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