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Social networks are digital platforms where each person can have a profile and publish their news. They have taken a turn for the better of the phones that allow a data connection because, effectively with a smartphone, you can publish your information at any time no matter where you are. All you have to do is log in and you’re done. See the evolution of digital marketing. So today we want to know why to be on social networks for a person or for a company.



Being on social networks is already a trend for people because there is information like no other. They not only allow you to publish your personal information to inform your acquaintances who live even thousands of miles away, but also to be aware of the information of the people and pages you follow and to find items to buy that might interest you via groups. You can also sell items if you are no longer interested as long as they are still in good condition via Facebook sales groups. It is therefore an appointment of the given and the receive.

Example: Thanks to social networks, the culinary world is no longer a mystery. There are all kinds of recipes in each country and you can even view these recipes in video mode via a YouTube search.

There are also TV channels that have an extension on Facebook and YouTube allowing you to have the information live. You can even review movies or series on YouTube as many times as you need short no matter what area you’re looking for, there’s information for you on social networks.


For a company, social networks are a big growth factor because they boost your visibility and allow you to run advertising campaigns to the people most likely to be interested in your offers. It’s a great marketing lever, a real money-making machine.

With social networks, you can more easily and almost freely internationalize for services that can be done directly online. It is enough that your products or services are likely to interest the market you are targeting and that you are able to make deliveries in this market and hoops is off to your international communication plan which will cost a minimal price almost similar to your local communication. See how to communicate internationally?


Social networks are facilitators of communication both internally in case of whatsapp for example to allow you to exchange easily even at distances not measurable than externally, cases of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, TikTok, Wakadam … to reach thousands of relevant people in a fraction of a second for your advertising campaigns. A goal you will never achieve as long as you simply stay behind your business waiting for the customer without communicating on social networks.

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For a company or an economic operator, social networks allows you to improve your visibility very quickly to the ideal customer, reach a large number of customers at a lower cost, improve your brand image by your aesthetic content that brings value to the customer and confirm your notoriety by its public and popular character. They make you more efficient.

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In the end, given the role that social networks play, we can say that to be on social networks is to discover the world and to open up to the world. They are therefore essential for personal and managerial growth because whatever information you are looking for and whatever the field, you will find proposals for solutions on social networks.


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