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The SEO of its real name search engine optimization still called Natural Referencing is the free position of a blog post in first position on search engine search results. This search result page is called SERP which means search engine results page. It encompasses sponsored links and natural links.


When it comes to SEO, it’s mainly about the natural referencing of your blog posts in first place on SERP. However, Google ads still called sponsored links, are positioned above SEO articles and are specified from the ad word to mean that it is an ad link. So, to succeed your SEO is to succeed in seeing your blog post positioned in first position for free or at least, on the first page of the SERP according to the corresponding keyword. This immediately leads us to understand that SEO is based on keywords but not only because there are many parameters that contribute to the success of your SEO.


To re-identify the SEO, here are the essential points you need to study:

  • The map of your website
  • Keywords
  • The content of your articles


The plan of your website is the price of your website which represents the different options that your website can have. At WordPress for example, it ranges from free plan to Pro plan. For the success of your SEO, you need to adopt the Pro plan that will download extensions like Yoast SEO.

Then, once you have created and updated your website with the corresponding plan, that is, finish the webdesign part, place to write your articles to give your visitors an informative value on your topic. This is article writing according to SEO rules, but first you have to have the title of your articles and that’s where the keywords come in.


Keywords are the words a user enters on the Google search to find an article that matches their query. So all the secret lies in choosing the right keywords for your articles. We have the Google keywords planner tools to find the most sought-after keywords in your field but note that, question titles are the most winning. Great you have the technique to find the titles of your articles then, place to the next step which is the content of the article.


The content represents the message you want to convey to your visitors. This is the power of your site because through your content, you will lead visitors to understand in the smallest details what you offer them as a service in order to better convince them. Beyond the rich and compelling content you are required to produce, there is a writing canva for the SEO that you are required to follow, that is, the rules set by Google so that your articles are visible on the first page of their search results.

Note : In SEO terms, you have to be patient because the very first article will not be directly referenced no! Google gives you time to make the articles and bring all the requirements you need to start filing. You can count about six months to a year if the articles are compliant and the result will be conclusive.

SEO is very important in that thanks to your articles, you bring more information to convince your readers. It also allows you to sell through call to action (subscription or payment button of a service) inserted in your articles, to have a list of subscribers to your newsletter thanks to a form inserted in your articles, to improve your notoriety because of its public character and to internationalize you for free that is, anyone regardless of his country or region can find himself on your site on the condition of entering on the Google search a key word that can be entered on the Google search corresponds to your article. This is a great sales and growth channel. If a company wants to grow its turnover, the SEO is highly recommended to open its doors to the world and especially to more people in its target field and this is where the presence of SEO experts comes in.

The SEO expert’s role is to write your articles while respecting the rules of web writing. It’s about producing interesting content in accordance with Google laws. Nothing too complicated just some small requirements to apply such as the right keywords, hyperlinks, ergonomics, the speed of loading the site, the backlinks …

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