Webdesign- how to re-apply your webdesign? Marketing Pro

The web design as the name suggests, is the design of your website. It fits much more in the sense of beauty to maintain the attention of the visitor and ergonomics for a good airworthiness. We’ll talk about UI/UX design.

The UI design, which means User Interface, is the interface between a visitor and a computer program or software.

According to interaction design, User interface (UI) design is the process designers use to build interfaces in software or computerized devices, focusing on looks or style.

So, in the UI design, the beauty of the application is much more highlighted.

In the UX design, the user experience is put first as the availability of your website simultaneously on a computer and a mobile, the ease of acquiring information, the ease of making a payment … It allows visitors to browse your website or application and take advantage of it according to their expectations in the ease of operations.

If you want to succeed your website, you have to re-introduce the UI/UX design. How to design your website?


First of all, we want to note that there are two types of websites namely showcase websites, which are websites that represent a business, or an activity and e-commerce sites that are online shops.

Showcase websites are websites that represent all the services a company offers on the home page so that a visitor can already know your entire business from a visit to your home page. There may be payment items at strategic points on the site.

E-commerce websites are online shops ie that make in the actual online sale to the point of exposing the items for sale directly on the home page that is the subject of the site.

It is true that even showcase sites have online payment methods, but are not e-commerce sites in the sense that an e-commerce site specializes only in the flow of physical or digital products online which is the main factor of the site while the site showcases to present the services you offer.

We will talk in this article about the Webdesign of a showcase site.


Successfully designing a showcase site requires website design software that allows the creation of menu pages, the integration of media files, word and pdf files, call-to-action buttons, widgets and especially updates because a website receives updates when you know that your business can grow further. There are several website design software which I quote a more well-known, easy to handle and most used WordPress.com thanks to its Gutenberg blocks very rich in functionality.

Beyond software that requires absolute control, in order to be able to bring out an aesthetic website that brings the maximum information for your activity, you can make it easier by delegating the design of your website to an expert. Why do we recommend it to you? because not only will understanding how software works will take you time and energy, but also, you have to be up to the task of being able to understand the software in the end. So, you have to be available and willing for a website. It is therefore wiser to entrust it to a professional to move on to other things that are even more rewarding for your business.


Delegating the design of your website gives you more time to focus on things that contribute to the productivity of your business. A website is all the more important to give visibility to your activity and to be contacted by visitors who browse the web. It allows you to present from the home page all your activity in the beauty of art in order to impact at a glance all the people who visit your site. It is therefore a sales lure and several options are possible such as online payments, online bookings, your online business news from blogs.

The website is the digital representation of your activity so a company that does not have a website is not alive on the internet. While social networks keep your business alive, the special feature of the website is that it can receive payments directly online, it gives your company’s overall information from a homepage so that you can be informed quickly, it is more professional and inspires more confidence and reliability.

Do you want to know more about the role of a website.

As a result, the website becomes essential to any company that wants to increase its credibility, increase its trust capital and therefore its brand image that will play on sales. Indeed, a well-received company is much more coveted, that is, receives much more traffic and this traffic represents your future customers.

Thus, it is of a well-known interest for any entrepreneur who wants to grow his activities to have a website in order to open up to a wider clientele on the Internet and in addition, the site goes even further: it is an online company.

Thanks to a website, you can do without a place to rent. How is that possible?

From the moment your website presents all your offers on a home page and allows online payments, you can directly serve your customers online and physical contact will only be necessary for delivery. Example: –The catering service: For the catering service, you can buy kitchen utensils and arrange at your home for the cooking of your orders. The website will be used to present the menus you make. As soon as you order, all you have to do is make the order and deliver within the specified time frame on the site.

-Real estate: For the case of real estate, you will need a website that represents a few houses to visit and your contacts in such a way to receive your clients in front of an apartment to visit after conclusion by telephone discussion of the type of house that interests him etc.

There is as much possibility thanks to a website that can free you from the rental load and allow you to become a great businessman from a website.

Great! then you wonder how to create and update your website, just find out why WordPress.com is the best option for your website.

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