Influencer-Why and how to become an influencer? Marketing Pro

When we hear the word influencer, what exactly does it refer to? It refers to the words influence which means dominance, power and that says power says authority. In other words, our title means how to have authority.

First, influence marketing is born out of the concept that a person represented as a role model in his or her community is better placed to advise products or services that correspond to his or her ideology. Indeed, having an ideology to the point of building a community means that you have good things to teach the people who follow you in this way, you are seen as a reference in your field, a muse, a model to follow. So we want to know why and how to become an influencer?



This is a very relevant question when we know that the time is not to waste time in projects that do not pay us. So without further ado, we give you reasons to be an influencer

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Advertising space
  • Sponsored content


Affiliate marketing is the fact of selling a brand’s products or services and being paid by commission when a user buys the product through your link. Generally, you have an affiliate link that you can enter into your blog, social network or newsletter content that redirects to the brand’s website to make an order.


You can sell a display space on your website provided you have high traffic that is acquired with the success of the SEO.


If your blog is interesting, you can be contacted by a brand in your niche to make an article paid for by order or sponsor an on-demand post on your social networks.


An influencer is a role model and actually an example to follow, but to be able to impact your community, it all starts with what you have to say, which is content. Content marketing is an influencer’s first weapon afterwards, your brand image consisting of content marketing and branding.

As far as content is concerned, it is a matter of creating a website and opening a blog page that will be used to debate the theme of your website. Example: the theme of Marketing Pro International is digital marketing so all our articles will talk about digitalization. However, there are a multitude of themes like fashion, cosmetics, accommodation short all topics represent a theme, just master your subject.

Note: Choose only one theme per website and bring all possible information through your articles to be a relevant information reference site for your topic.

Then, as the website works with social networks in terms of traffic and visibility, open the pages on the most well-known social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, TikTok… and if it’s a Business to Business LinkedIn activity.

Think about your branding i.e. create a logo, and a name for your blog mine is Marketing Pro International. Then, in your graphics, videos and through your website, highlight the colors of your logo to have a remarkable identity. Canva will help you with video and graphic design.

Finally, for your personal branding, combine a YouTube channel that will allow you to produce videos or you will talk about the issues of your subject and you will be seen as an expert, a professional just like in the blog. Of course, you’ll associate your YouTube videos with your blog posts.

But that’s not all. After setting up an aesthetic site that showcases your services, and writing about ten informative articles, think about affiliate marketing as we’ve seen above and sign up on affiliate marketing platforms like Amazon it’s free.

The affiliation will allow you to complete your content with evaluation articles focused in your theme. Here is an example of an evaluation article and also, you can also write informative articles for brands to which you will be affiliated as with the Impact affiliate platform.

Throughout your journey, continue to produce written, graphic, video content through your blog and social networks and at times integrate evaluation articles to complete your content. Check out 11 steps not to commit in blog marketing.


After a while, about a year, if your content is interesting and relevant, you will gradually see your destiny emerge. Always check your emails and spam at times and read the message carefully before validating anything because any article, or representation on your blog or social page, must exactly fit with your niche. However, the secret is summed up in the regularity of your posts about three articles a week and a minimum post every two days on social networks. Three years of work will be the guarantor of your success.

Note: it is true that one would have thought that to be an influencer is to have a maximum of likes on social networks. This is a bonus but is not the main factor. The richness is found in the content and if the content is well done, with a little publicity, you will have the likes and comments long awaited.

So being an influencer is the best content creator in your niche. Think about it and improve your content marketing. If necessary, train.

If you are in the digital marketing niche, I already offer you a great opportunity, The Fiverr Affiliate. Sign up here and start digital marketing affiliation.


With Fiverr, affiliate marketing is a luxury. Earn hundreds of thousands in contests and paid posts while waiting for your career as a three-year blogger and for fashion fans, visit Fiverr fashion store. To your success, health.




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