E-commerce Dropshipping-Why adopt Fiverr for your e-commerce? Marketing Pro

Before answering this pertinent question of « why adopt Fiverr for your e-commerce services? », we will define the key points that will allow us to better understand this issue. We’ll start by introducing Fiverr. Who is Fiverr?


Fiverr is a digital marketing service marketplace that links applicants and service providers such as webdesign, community management, graphic design, SEO web writing, the creation and development of e-commerce sites and even related services such as text translation to enable any entrepreneur wishing to adapt their website and social media into the languages of the country in question.

As a webmarketing service marketplace for businesses, Fiverr is the bridge that links the best expert digital marketing freelancers worldwide with any customer speaking the French language, English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch for logo creation needs, video marketing, professional page management, e-commerce site creation, showcase site creation, blog article creation , in short, all the tasks of digital marketing. In other words, Fiverr is a multilingual webmarketing marketplace that you can visit and place your order at will. It’s great to switch from one language to another without difficulty and to be able to find your account according to your preferences.

With Fiverr offering a wide range of digital services, we will be interested in its e-commerce service, which is one of its special features.

Indeed, e-commerce refers first of all to the sale of physical products (material goods) or digital products (services, training) via an e-commerce site designed from software to create e-commerce sites like Shopify for example or direct selling from sales marketplaces like Amazon.


In particular, e-commerce has become more and more important in recent years and has become even more important with the emergence of the Covid-19.

Indeed, the Covid-19, which imposes social distances for health security measures, has increasingly encouraged the distance sales represented by online sales that are made via e-commerce sites or marketplaces. This has largely led local businesses to digitalize, i.e. to have a digital representation of their business in order to continue to make sales. However, although containment may end, the old habits adopted by consumers do not stop at once! So there will be a tendency to sell both online and in physical stores to continue to satisfy online consumers: e-commerce becomes one more opening to catch online customers who are struggling to leave their niche that seems more comfortable and less expensive.


 1-For the consumer

  • Payment facilitation that is now available directly online and limits long waits.
  • Home deliveries
  • More affordable prices
  • Opportunity to better understand product characteristics before purchase

2- For the seller

  • Facilitating remote payment
  • Less expensive than a local shop
  • Lower operating costs (employees, taxes and taxes)
  • Facilitating customer tracking through the customer account, which is a good sales strategy
  • Possible remarketing to potential customers

Source: Definition and practices of e-commerce


With all the technical knowledge required to create and manage an e-commerce site such as adapted software mastery, advertising campaign policy, loyalty policy and delivery policy, running an online store requires professional knowledge to get a return on investment. You have to find the ideal provider who can live up to these problems in order to make your shop profitable. This is the Fiverr marketplace that is full of the best e-commerce providers. Why Fiverr? We explain:

  • A database of top freelancers expert worldwide
  • Customer reviews
  • A secure payment


The advantage with Fiverr e-commerce is that you have a choice among the best freelancers selected and approved by the marketplace. That said, before you are approved as a provider on Fiverr, you will actually be led to provide proof of your professional skills. A point that attests to the confidence for this marketplace.


On the Fiverr e-commerce homepage, you are presented with the best rated providers by customers who have been satisfied so that without being spoilt for choice, you can select the most competent providers.


This is the most sensitive point of all customers, securing payment. Don’t panic! At Fiverr, you only pay when you’ve validated the task. This aspect is entirely managed by the marketplace administrator who is the moderator between providers and customers. It bears all the responsibility for payments as well, a payment equal to a service met according to your requirements or then refunded.


With all the qualities of the renowned Fiverr international marketplace, it pushes the plug even further with dropshipping services.

Indeed, can we talk about e-commerce without talking about dropshipping? Dropshipping is another more economical and less energy-efficient form of e-commerce that we explain to you in the following points:

Dropshipping means owning an e-commerce site and taking products at preferential rates on supplier sites to place them directly on your online store without paying for it or storing it. You will only pay the supplier when the product is purchased from your online store and it will deliver the customer to you within a set time frame on your online store. This is very interesting as an e-commerce tactic as it not only saves you in rental costs as an e-commerce site owner, but also, your only job is the marketing strategy to sell sales on your online store.


Thus, the call to the experts will once again be felt. You have to find a professional who can take charge of your entire project. It makes more sense to entrust your e-commerce or dropshipping project to a single expert if you don’t master the sequence of different tasks because, you will have a quieter mind that a manager takes care of your entire project: Fiverr enters once again into games.


Find providers for your e-commerce or dropshipping project directly on Fiver e-commerce, the highest rated providers will be offered to you. In addition, we have Fiverr Business which offers you the service providers recommended by the big brands with tips for the success of your e-commerce and Fiverr workspace to customize your e-commerce proposals and invoices.

If you have an idea of the overall strategy of your e-commerce or dropshipping web project, you can at this moment find the managers of each link of your project directly on Fiverr e-commerce as the developers of e-commerce site for the creation of your e-commerce site, bloggers for the description of your product listings according to the SEO, community managers for the advertising campaigns of your online shop on social networks , SEM (Search Engine Marketing) managers for advertising campaigns of your products on Google ADS, Google shopping, sales managers on marketplaces like Amazon, Ebay, Etsy…, e-mailing managers to relaunch and retain your customers by email.

As a tip, we offer any beginner or professional entrepreneur Fiverr Business because it will ultimately be better managed with additional service proposals to boost your e-commerce activity through a team of free assistants. Fiverr Business is used to manage your online business in one place to visualize your service providers and the evolution of your project.

Also use optional Fiverr workspace to detail your e-commerce in the form of personalized offers and customizable invoices. You are offered a free plan or Pro at Fiverr workspace according to your convenience to optimize your online transactions and on Fiverr Business, you have full access to the first year for free something to familiarize yourself with the platform.


In conclusion, we can say that entrusting your e-commerce project to Fiverr is entrusting your mission to compulsory success because they are experts who accumulate several years of experience carefully chosen for typical projects. Don’t wait any longer, it’s time to finally succeed your online business. Make your first order here, and sleep while we work for you. You will only pay when you have validated the task and the good news, when you have entrusted your entire project to Fiverr Business, you are just responsible for tracking all your providers on the platform in order to better track your activity through statistics and report directly on the platform. So sitting in your office, living room, bedroom, you manage your business online and you simply cash your profits directly into your account. To your success… Health.



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