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Before we think about becoming a business leader, we want to know what a business is? As quoted in one of our articles on digitalization, a company is a legal entity, endowed with the people who can follow and lead it. It is an open, finalized, organized and regulated system bringing together inter-reaction actors and functions. It is a group of people assembled for the same cause of creating profits or providing humanitarian assistance in the case of social entrepreneurship.

Indeed, before becoming a business leader, you must first have a project. A project around which your objectives and interests will revolve to carry out the project. As a tip, answer the following question: What is your knowledge or ability to solve a problem in society? Source: Entrepreneurship or choose an activity that you’re passionate about, that’s to say that vibrates in you.

Once you have a project and are sure of its potential profitability through market research, it’s time to move on to Plan B, which is to make yourself known. Well yes a project that keeps in the pocket is a project that does not live and is called to disappear. You’ve moved on to put together the best project of your life and you’re sure it will be accepted by the market you’re targeting so it’s out of the question to see your dream fly away. How do you keep your project alive?



We are unaware that nowadays we can communicate and sell at unmeasurable distances without moving from our home. How is that possible? Thanks to the website and social networks.

Then we want to add that, to service your business project, the website is the very first tool because it will present your project in the form of a service offer. The blog section will explain the benefits of your service offerings to attract the continued interest of your consumers and we all know that with WordPress, you are entitled to a free or paid website/blog according to your needs, so there is no longer any obstacle to starting a website. If you need to start a website/blog for free, you can create them directly here or train for webdesign to find out how to customize your website and blogging to find out how to create blog posts that are both interesting and SEO-friendly for search engines.

Then, in addition to the website, there are the social networks that are unavoidable because they produce a high traffic in the immediate. Create pages on the most popular social networks to showcase your activity and also share your blog posts.

Check out our social networking coaching program for a company (community management) or get this e-book that explains community management in all its details


Now you have all the tools you need to start your business at a lower cost. You can supplement them with the basic marketing tools of an entrepreneur but also, a company must have an identity of its own to be identified on all communication channels from the first glance. This is the logo and colors of your logo that will be highlighted on all your graphics and videos to perfect your brand image. Obviously! we have the CANVA tool for creating your logos, quality graphics and video montages in the blink of an eye thanks to the pre-filled templates you’ll customize. If you’re looking for an easy-to-handle design tool, adopt CANVA to have a more confident mind. Try your first design here.


At the end of our journey to become a business leader, we find that becoming a business leader today is no more than a breeze using well-adapted software. Just have your project and present it to your future consumers through a website and social networks that even allow payments directly online. However, remember that being an entrepreneur also means being tough check out an entrepreneur’s journey to get an idea of your next adventure. Then! Are you the next business leader in your area? we hope so. Get started! we support you in your project through our digital communication services or through our digital marketing coaching programs.



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