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The marketplace is a digital platform that serves to link a good or service provider to a good or service applicant. This is a great opportunity to be able to offer or obtain goods and services across borders for international marketplaces and a great benefit for national marketplaces to increase the visibility of local sellers, decrease the threads of expectations and win the freelance market.

Does this mean that there are several types of marketplaces? Obviously yes each marketplace specializes in a specific area that I quote trade marketplace, job marketplace in order to offer a special solution. So creating a marketplace means providing solutions to thousands of people depending on the subject of your marketplace. What are the advantages of a marketplace depending on its specificity?



As noted above, the marketplace is a great advantage to everyday life:

  • International sales
  • International workforce
  • Lower transportation costs
  • Facilitating payment
  • Entrepreneurship.

For marketplaces specializing in the sale of physical or digital goods (downloadable manual), they allow sellers to present their products to an already loyal public who are registered sellers.

Indeed, all sellers listed on the marketplace is first of all a potential customer to products that it does not own and it enjoys visibility with other sellers and visitors. Then, because you have to create a customer account on the marketplaces to make purchases, it allows you to identify a customer statistic that you would supplement with the traffic analysis tool called Google analytic.

You can decide to expand your network and open your marketplace internationally. In this case, a great business opportunity opens up for you to invite exporters and entrepreneurs who buy wholesale in order to create a showcase between suppliers and retailers. This would facilitate supplier visibility and buyer access. There are several possibilities for operating a trading marketplace. Just analyze the solution it will bring as a showcase and gatherer and get started. In addition, you can introduce your own products for sale.


For job marketplaces, they allow to build a showcase between recruiters and job seekers but this time, it will not be for a full-time job interview appointment but, for a direct exchange via the platform to accomplish a specific task according to the profile and service offers of the self-employed. Everything happens online as well as the accomplishment of the work. So, to give value to your marketplace, specialize in a specific area. Example : accounting service marketplace, office service marketplace, webmarketing service marketplace, in short any service that can be done and evaluated via a digital device.

Do you know how teleworking works?

You can also expand your network internationally with a job marketplace and it’s even easier with digital services that do not require any means of transport and in addition, the more your marketplace grows, the better you gain authority and therefore a customer.

Here is the international reference marketplace in webmarketing service which has a version in several languages that I quote French, English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch for the satisfaction of the webmarketing tasks of a company namely creation of showcase websites, creation of e-commerce sites, web writing according to SEO, community management and graphic design.


Find your top freelancer in digital marketing on Fiverr, you are guaranteed to be satisfied before payment.

Note Well : the administrator of the job market is the person responsible for moderating recruiting teams and teams of self-employed i.e., receiving payments from recruiting teams and paying to teams of independent workers after validation of the task ditto for trading marketplaces, the administrator of the trade marketplace is responsible for transferring payments to sellers.

However, the fact that marketplaces allow independents to find markets, they promote entrepreneurship because at home, you do your tasks and send online for validation or you put your products for sale that you have stored in your home store for the case of trade marketplaces. The marketplace would even be called an economic boost, so if you’ve thought about creating a marketplace, analyze the need it can fill and it’ll be welcome for users: Creating a marketplace then becomes a great business opportunity.


To create a marketplace, whether for the trade of physical and/or digital goods or a job marketplace, enter your credentials and create your e-shop. Then, install the Woocommerce Booking extension finally, add the Product vendor extension that is used to configure your marketplace and it’s done.

Good news! If you have taken your WordPress pro plan, you have access to the Woocommerce plugin and the necessary plugins as mentioned above. Then you have full access to free online support that will answer all your technical questions when designing your marketplace. You are thus assured of being able to succeed in your dream whatever the difficulty.


Thanks to Product vendor, marketplace owners can:

  • Accept and approve applications from potential sellers
  • Set up one or more vendor administrators to manage seller information
  • Set up each seller’s commissions and payment schedule
  • Join Woocommerce Booking to allow sellers to sell time-based bookings
  • Show sellers a note with notes from all the products they sell
  • Define products so they require approval before being added to the store on a per-seller basis
  • Allow sales commissions to be a fixed amount or percentage and define it individually, by seller, product or store
  • Make payments to sellers instantly, manually, weekly, every two weeks or every month

Sellers registered in the marketplace can:

  • Check their public profile
  • Manage their products and change the shipping rules by product themselves
  • Add private notes to orders or notes to customers (for example, tracking numbers)
  • View their orders and reports on sales performance
  • Sell physical and/or digital products as well as time-based bookings
  • Receive commission payments

Product vendor is truly the ultimate extension that allows you to accept sellers on your online store, moderate the products and services of registered sellers, receive and send payments directly online and even create registration forms for recruiters and self-employed case marketplace job.

If you’re looking for a bargain, the marketplace is a niche to exploit because it has huge potential! It’s great to be able to operate your marketplace and also position your goods or services. Don’t hesitate to start now and if you want to delegate the design of your marketplace, Marketing Pro International web development expert takes charge of your project to ensure you a job of perfection. Contact us.



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