Mom entrepreneur-How to be a mom and entrepreneur? Marketing Pro

Mom and entrepreneur two concepts quite divergent because being a mom is already running an industry. Haha laugh but in reality, framing bits of cabbage requires a lot of attention because as soon as we are discreet, it is a glass that breaks, it is the food scattered in the living room or a meal of sand in the courtyard so, they ask to follow our bambinos very closely. The question we are asking ourselves now is: how to manage an entrepreneurship activity in all this mess?


It all starts with choosing an activity that allows you to manage two businesses that know how to manage your family and manage your income business. One of the best choices, of course, is entrepreneurship because at that time you are your own boss and you can set up a schedule at your convenience. We don’t rule out being employed in a company, but at this point, you have to take a housewife who does your mom’s duties at peak hours say from eight hours to seventeen hours so, to manage your family and work simultaneously, you are forced to turn to entrepreneurship.

So when you’ve decided to be a mom and entrepreneur to handle your time to your liking, how do you organize your work day?


There are a lot of activities but today we are interested in activities that allow you to control your time at your leisure. These include:

  • Blogging
  • E-commerce
  • Community management
  • The graphics
  • Dropshipping
  • The webdesign

We’ll enlighten you:

When you’re a blogger, this means that you’ve chosen a specific topic on which you’ll be debating through articles to raise the value of your topic. You become a web writer but then specified in a very specific area called niche. Over time, you can monetize your blog to get income while waiting for other opportunities like sponsored articles, contracts with major brands that is the future of any influential blogger. Thus, you are free to publish an article at eight o’clock in the morning, at noon or at eighteen o’clock all depends on the space that allows you to work but note that to publish your article on social networks in order to promote it, hours like eight o’clock, noon and fifteen hours are the most recommended. Post your blog post at any time of the day and wait for favorite hours to share on social media.

You can also blog for freelancers who are commonly called web writing or write e-books and publish free on kinder direct publishing in order to sell around the world which involves a lot of income obviously. Check out our blogging training program.

Do you know how to become a book author?

Community management: community management is a profession that is also done as a freelancer. At home, you are entitled to your small office space. How do you let people know that you are an aspiring community manager? simply by creating your professional pages and presenting your know-how. Check out our community management training program.

YouTuber: You can create a YouTube channel for free, start introducing videos according to your niche and monetize your Youtube channel afterwards. The job of YouTuber is also part of community management with the only particularity that, you monetize your YouTube channel just as you monetize your blog in particular by winning in influencer marketing: affiliation, sponsored content, representations of major brands … Check out our community management training program.

Graphics: Hey is what you like about pretty colors, so you’re a future graphic designer. Graphic design is about designing images while respecting the colors of the event you represent. Example: The colors of Marketing Pro International is blue and yellow so, if I want to create a typical image to represent myself, I would highlight the colors of my logo and then I would need the CANVA tool.

CANVA allows me to edit the images as I please and add the colors of my choice but not only: you are a real graphic designer thanks to this tool. Design brochures, wedding, baptism, conference invitation tickets, business cards, calendars, labels, letterboards, logos, menu cards, posters, CVs, photo collages, animated photos, thumbnails, YouTube banners, and even videos. Sign up for the design school from CANVA and enter the graphic design market. Sign up for free and become a professional graphic designer.


Of course, you will offer your graphic design services from your professional pages, job marketplaces and/or your website.

E-commerce: One of the advantages of digital trades is that they can also be done remotely because all you need is your digital devices to do the job. Your presence at the place of service is therefore not mandatory. In the case of e-commerce, you can take a Woocommerce plan that allows you to create an online store. Then you buy products from the wholesaler that you put up for sale on your online store in order to generate a profit margin. Delivery of your customers can be done at a relay point or at home depending on your convenience.

You can also be a freelance e-commerce site developper and offer your services through a website, professional pages and on job marketplaces like Upwork or Fiverr, Facebook group. You can go further with dropshipping by creating an e-commerce site and taking the goods directly from online wholesalers who will handle the delivery. Check out our e-commerce training program.

Webdesign: The webdesigner is the person responsible for designing and updating showcase websites. His work is limited to the organization of the website (menu pages, footnotes, social menus) and the aesthetics of the pages to browse. You can become webdesigner and offer your webdesign services also through a website, professional pages and job marketplaces. Check out our web design training program.

Here’s just as many opportunities for a mom to be an entrepreneur so she can spread her work from home program according to her most available schedules of the day.


Also, if you are a full-time worker and you are interested in entrepreneurship it is always a good thing because entrepreneurship will allow you to have additional income and why not strengthen your retirement. So here’s how you’re going to organize yourself:

For blogging, you publish at least two articles in the week you took the time to write on Saturday or Sunday brief your days off.

For community management, it’s even easier even being in the office. Using your smartphone you make the nice custom graphics on CANVA and you just attach a message that matches and then oops you make your post. Let’s say three posts the most recommended week.

For e-commerce, you will be more willing to do dropshiping because you will not move from your place of service, the same for webdesign and the development of e-commerce sites. When you master the WordPress dashboard, you’ll build freelance websites in minutes.

So mom nailed home because of childcare, yes even for you there are opportunities to earn money. Just start and the rest will follow and for all those who are looking for an independent income-generating activity, that’s an opportunity. Contact us for follow-up.



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