Booking site-How do I re-confirm an online booking site? Marketing Pro

When we talk about an online booking site, it is indeed an online shop still called e-commerce site but specialized in reservations including: reservations of catering, consultation, follow-up, conference, cinema ticket, cinema … In short, any activity that requires prior booking.

The optics here are to allow visitors to make a reservation from their digital devices for a service that will be returned to them on a booked date and time. So it all starts with the creation of a formal e-commerce site, then the installation of reservation extensions.



-Create your e-commerce site here
-Configure your e-commerce site
-Add the necessary extensions
After you create your e-commerce site here using a business or e-commerce plan based on your needs, install and activate the WooCommerce extension using your WordPress dashboard extension menu. After activation, route by completing the various steps that will be offered to you in the installation assistant to set up your site that you can change later. Finally, develop the foot of page.

All these actions will be possible thanks to the jetpack extension of your business or e-commerce plan and the Woocommerce extension enabled.

See the difference between the different WooCommerce plans here.

You can now add products for sale by clicking on product-add a product in your dashboard.

This was in the case of the creation of an official online shop and is as valid for online booking shops with the only peculiarity that, it will be necessary to add the extension Woocommerce booking and Woocommerce booking accommodation for the case of accommodation bookings.



Woocommerce booking is a premium extension of Woocommerce that allows you to set up reservable products or services and more:

  • Make appointments for more than one person
  • Offer special prices for groups, days or individuals
  • View availability in the customer’s time zone
  • Require confirmation, offer free cancellations
  • Send reminders to reduce absences
  • Never have a double booking
  • Change your booking schedule as you see fit, including syncing with Google Calendar
  • Personalize your bookings

Indeed, thanks to WooCommerce Booking, you can add products or services that can be booked for a person or for a maximum number of people that you have set up beforehand. Offer a reservation on several schedule ranges as well as display the preferential rates according to the parameters you have set (price for loyal customer, rate for public holiday …).

You can also confirm or not confirm a booking in order to make it official among your reservations, make automatic reminders by email or cancel if necessary.

When an affected service or resource is already booked, it will no longer appear as available to avoid duplicates. You could view all your bookings, change them or add more manually to the calendar.

And to top it off, you can customize by setting up staggered payments or extended tracking newsletters only for bookings and if you’ve thought about creating a marketplace, yes this will be possible thanks to the product vendors extension associated with WooCommerce Booking.

To enter a resealable product, go to the admin space on the product menu, add a new product, and then click on the product that can be reseerved in the menu of the page that will open that allows you to enter the title, description, media of your booking and settings namely days, times, cost… booking.

This will allow you to enter several reseedable products and allocate resources that are also reseerable, such as human or material resources.

WooCommerce booking is pretty simple to install by buying it here for $249 and downloading it using the Woocommerce menu extension of your administrator space. For use, online support is offered free of charge for one year with a 30-day refund guarantee. So there is no more fear to test WooCommerce Booking.


WooCommerce accomodation Booking is mainly for accommodation bookings such as hotels or furnished apartments. It therefore allows:

  • Add a new « Accommodation » option to the WooCommerce Bookings extension
  • Add arrival and departure times
  • To specify the booking time as « number of nights »
  • Add a « priority price » feature that automatically activates special rates (i.e. weekend or vacation rates)

WooCommerce Accomodation Booking is completely free and works in direct connection with WooCommerce Booking. As a result, first install WooCommerce Booking as we saw above then, download Woocommerce Accomodation Booking directly here or in the extension menu of your WooCommerce dashboard and the trick is played you can now create accommodation reservations.

If you need an online booking site this is very simple. Follow these steps or contact us to design the most practical and aesthetic booking website in the world. We remain at your disposal.



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