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The community manager is responsible for managing professional pages on social networks on behalf of an entrepreneur or in the card of an activity. Its action is limited to the creation of pages on social networks, the production of content according to the editorial plan of the social media manager and the responses to the concerns of Internet users on the pages he manages: It is the manager of the community.

See the difference between a community manager and a social media manager.

We tend to confuse the community manager with the social media manager even if both are involved in branding and revenue growth via social networks. It remains to make this small difference because in some companies, you will manage their social networks even if you master the marketing strategy, you will be under instruction of a manager who is the social media manager because it is he who develops the marketing strategy of the company you follow. So how do you become a successful community manager?

Versatility is a wealth in all professions which is why, although you are a community manager, you need to know how to design an editorial plan and how to organize advertising campaigns because sometimes you will talk about it with your manager does this resque for good follow-up of activity or statistical reports.



As we saw in one of our articles on entrepreneurship, the entrepreneur is:

The entrepreneur, the founder, the initiator who has an idea and issues an action plan to carry it out with the aim of providing solutions and creating in the long run employees who can assist him in carrying out his tasks. so he’s a job creator.

Indeed, as a community manager, you can work as a freelancer, that is, you open an agency to offer community management services that you manage as a founder and then look for markets. In the long run, you can open an independent database and collaborate with them to assist you in your work tasks if they turn out to be busy.

Example: Create a website that represents your agency in community management with a blog page for the daily life of community management. Then create professional pages on social networks to expand your blog posts and promote your business.

You can also work full-time as a workstation in a company all will depend on you.

Do you know the different digital professions?


To become a successful community manager, here are the essential points you need to study:

1- What is a community manager? How much does a community manager earn?
2- Fundamentals of a company page.
3- How to organize your publications
4- Graphics, video editing and operation tools.
5- Sales funnel.
6- Publications planning and operation tools.
7- The good attitudes of a community manager.

Community management training costs 80 Euro and is spread over one month, i.e. one week of online courses and three weeks of practice. At the end of your training, you are entitled to a certificate of completion of training that attests to your competence in community management if and only if, you have managed to create a professional page to Facebook and Instagram with at least ten posts including a video.

Contact us for more information or register directly for our training.

You can also get this e-book that explains the community management in its smallest details to get into competence.



Thank you

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