Webdesign training-How to develop on WordPress? Marketing Pro

WordPress is an open source, free and free software that is designed for the creation and development of showcase sites, e-commerce sites and blogs. It is the most used and easiest CMS (content management system) to handle with 36% of the world’s website by 2020.

This is a great opportunity for all entrepreneurs to be able to have a real digital representation through the platform that gives you the opportunity to create and develop a website with a free plan.

It’s very interesting to allow you to rub shoulders with the digital world without real obstacles and to start waiting to engage your project in the higher dimension using the paid plans: I quote you the basic marketing tools of an entrepreneur.


Well! In front of you, you have the best software to design your responsive site i.e. adaptable on PC, tablet and mobile that serves as a showcase for your business . Super check out the role of a website then, it’s a chance to stumble upon this software because many entrepreneurs have the financing but do not have the right choice of software. Never mind, there’s a way to migrate your site to the WordPress platform.

Finally, we fall into the most important phase of knowing how to develop a showcase site at WordPress?


If we break down the word webdesign, it is composed of two words namely web which designates the world of internet browsing and design that designates beauty, aesthetics.

The web design is then the art of making attractive and aesthetic websites while ensuring good airworthiness and optimal loading speed. The site being the showcase of your activity or your company, its appearance determines the idea that all your visitors will have of your services or products. So there’s some seriousness to put into designing your website.

According to 99designs Web design is what creates the overall look and feel when you’re using a website. It’s the process of planning and building the elements of your website, from structure and layout to images, colors, fonts and graphics.


This question refers to how to build a proper website using WordPress software? Indeed once you have registered here, by entering your email, you have chosen a domain name and a plan, a theme is given to you by default and your site is created. Then the next phase is to customize your theme to give it the image of your business and for that, you have to the left of you your admin interface, the WordPress dashboard that allows to transform your theme into a real living activity in the beauty of art. So, all is playing to master your WordPress dashboard. You won’t need code here, it’s similar to mastering menus just like you master Words or Excel software.

And this is where we act as trainers



1-How do I create a website to WordPress.com?
2-How to choose the theme for its website?
3-How to organize your website?
4-How to build the pages of his website?
5-How do I customize a theme?
6-Which extensions to choose and how to install them?
7-Study and operation of each menu in your admin interface

After receiving the theoretical courses in your inbox for a week, we move on to the practical phase to apply all that was said during the course. You will have the orders because you are on your way to becoming a professional web designer. Thus, we will accompany you in the creation of your website, we will direct you to the first steps and we will wait for all your questions for the rest of the process in order to develop as best as possible on WordPress. You have up to seven weeks to bring out your personal showcase website and thus be a true web developer.

The price of our training is 240 Euro for follow-up and personalized assistance throughout seven weeks. At the end of the course, you are given a certificate of completion of the training in the name of Marketing Pro attesting to your end of training in Webdesign this if and only here, you have managed to create your own WordPress showcase website using our assistance.

Contact us for more information or register directly here.



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