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Marketing Pro celebrated its one-year-old on May 3, 2020. So she was kind enough to share with her audience her entrepreneurial experience entitled the entrepreneur’s journey. We are listening to it.

As we turn forward on March 3, 2020, I’m announcing the first digital anniversary of Marketing Pro International, that is to say, it’s been a year since I started my first post on digital as a digital marketing expert more precisely on social networks. One year of profession, one year of combat. A real achievement. Why a feat? Because all the paths of entrepreneurs are fraught with pitfalls but in reality, these obstacles are great opportunities. Obstacles allow you to trigger more arguments to win your competition, they make you stronger.


When you’re a new entrepreneur, these are all concepts that we don’t master then on the path of entrepreneurship, some tend to want to give up when they can’t make ends meet but it’s early to judge an activity when you haven’t done it for at least a year.

A year of activity allows you to forge an identity on the web and around you and above all to prove what you are capable of in the eyes of your potential customers. No doubt you want the first results after the first months or for the most patient, after six months but in reality, if you wait for a result after one to three months, you are not an entrepreneur but a good employee and for six months, certainly you will not have results yet but then you will have more well-founded guidelines to your business namely the right plans to start in depth: this is the moment that you have to confirm what you are worth.

I wouldn’t want to fool you! One can feel frustrated at some point its can happen to everyone to be discouraged in the face of a lack of results but at that very moment, remember why you started and made a check-up of your competitors to visualize their trends. Definitely if you have competitors, its proving that your business generates income as well, re-examine your service offerings to see if there are any flaws. In principle, a lack of results can come from poor sales technique or content that is not rich enough. Be a marketing ace and an expert in your field.

Remember that it is difficult to make your first sale because you have to convince a clientele that didn’t know you existed and who needs the time to trust you but rather easy to retain a customer or relaunch an old customer in order to sustain your sales because one customer brings another if he is satisfied of course.

So if no one is interested in your offers for the first six months, it’s not a drama! No mistake it’s just the process of selling. Continue to value your products/services as best you can by following the right sales techniques. Sales will come alone when you least expect and hop its will be a start for success. Of course to reach the number ten, one starts first with the number one as well, only one customer is a gold mine. Treat him diligently, and above all ensure his satisfaction. This is the biggest secret of multi-billionaires of customer satisfaction and after-sales service.

Also, consider reinvesting your profits to expand your business and perpetrate it.

If you are a webmarketer, sign up in webmarketing job marketplaces as a CDigitale or Fiverr. Job marketplaces are great opportunities between talent seekers and job seekers.


CDigitale is a French marketplace specializing in digital marketing that allows any independent to insert its webmarketing tasks namely the design of blog articles according to the SEO, community management, the design of professional quality videos, the creation of websites, the creation of e-commerce sites, translation into international languages, the management of newsletters. It is an opportunity to register on the international job market so you will be visible to the best international recruiters but before, take good care of all your digital representations (website, social networks, e-commerce site, YouTube channel) because as soon as you return your offers, you will be immediately visited. If you are a recruiter looking for excellent webmarketing talent or a digital marketing expert, I recommend this CDigitale platform and if you’re looking for the exellence marketplace for native English, don’t panic Fiverr is there for you. Discover Fiverr and return satisfied.

If, on the other hand, you are interested in a professional conversion, check out our coaching program that will make you a true digital marketing expert but more importantly, as we all know that the image is the first reflection of digital representations, always arm yourself with the effective tool to create better  Canva visuals. The advantage with  Canva is that in addition to its versatility to adapt all your graphics to the format of the social network of your choice and to be able to design images, business cards, invitation tickets, Gif in pictures, posters, photo montages and slideshow thanks to its free image library and its editable samples while respecting your visual identity. , it also has an app that allows you to make these pretty graphics adaptable to your message from your phone. Then you’ll be on top of the competition.

This was my entrepreneurial background and this profile is the same for all future webmarketers or webentrepreneurs. However, as far as entrepreneurs off the web, yes they will still need digital communication to boost their activities and activate their sales given the social trend. So, the principle of perseverance also applies to them and even if you had to stay there waiting for your customers without communicating, you have to wait until you get noticed to hope for sales and this takes time then, visibility counts.



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