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The extension or plugin is the addition of a feature to the creation of your website. It is a computer program de made to meet one or more needs for the development of your website namely need security, need for natural referencing, need for speed of navigation, need for widgets …

The extension adds features to your theme and administrator space to allow you to better leverage the resources you have and optimize navigation. So, I’ll mention the must-have extensions for your showcase site.



The Jetpack extension is the first most useful extension for the development of your showcase site and your e-commerce site. It is full of many functions that we quote:

  • Site security
  • The speed of the site
  • The site’s statistics
  • The theme and picture library
  • Customization widgets and built-in media
  • Proposals for your similar articles
  • Article programming
  • Preview before publication
  • Integrating PayPal payment buttons for your products/services or for donation receptions
  • Words Ads
  • A free and convenient app to work anywhere

Thus, the security of a site is the essential element for the success of a website. How can you ensure your visibility when your site is not available properly? then, ensure the continued backup of your site and its restoration. Be notified of your site’s downtime. Be protected from suspicious and hacker software with every comment or file detected through Jetpack.

Loading speed is very important for the user experience and search engine ranking. We all know that the video would slow down the loading speed of your site. However, with the help of Jetpack, you can upload your live videos to your articles or menu pages for a vivid illustration of your text without impacting your site’s loading speed, your videos will be displayed in HD.

Better yet, visit statistics and actions on your website are directly visible on your administrator space allowing you to see link clicks, file records, video views, the source of your traffic (search engine, social networks), pages or articles viewed, the countries of your visitors allowing you to make better decisions. These statistics remain archived over the years to be able to observe your growth curve. Isn’t it great its, an overview of how your site unfolds?

It goes for themes and the free Pexels multimedia library available in the administrator space, which serves you to set an aesthetic tone for your website and to source theme or image directly into your administrator space. This centralizing of tasks saves you time in search of themes on both sides and only reassures your work and that’s not all: customization widgets are displayed in the customization menu and are excellent for further enriching your site. We can cite a few widgets:

  • social network widgets to allow your visitors to hit your social networks from your website. View marketing pro social media widgets at the bottom of this page. The number of subscribers or some social media posts are displayed.
  • The subscription widget to your newsletter
  • The widget to subscribe to your blog
  • The image widget
  • Banner in connection with cookies
  • Events to come
  • Category clouds and labels
  • Videos
  • Social media icons
  • Recent articles
  • Contact information, contact information and timetables.
  • … and more

These widgets provide additional information to your site and help organize your website. They serve to found a good foot page and beautify your website.

In addition, the number of visits is very important for the SEO. Indeed, the more you are visited the better you gain in the eyes of search engines so, in addition to mesh, the similar article proposal is crucial at the end of the articles to encourage visitors to browse other articles. This feature is exactly available with the Jetpack extension.

And when it comes to programming and Paypal buttons, you can write an article and insert PayPal payment buttons to receive donations from your readers when you know that PayPal is an international payment method and preview the entire article to control its final appearance before programming for an automatic publication on a date you mentioned :

It’s really magical this extension.

The icing on the cake: You can download the WordPress app, which makes it easy to write and publish your articles or pages in a home or taxi, and then read the statistics at any time.

This application is very convenient. You can write your articles, update your articles or page, integrate images from your wordpress gallery or directly from your phone, add labels, categories and publish. Check your notifications, view third-party articles from the WordPress reader, all from your smartphone.

A real gift.

With Jetpack, almost all the functions of developing and navigating your website are all in one extension instead of a multitude of small extensions that make your task more difficult. Whether you use the wordpress.org version, you can download jetpack and for the wordpress.com version, the jetpack feature is available automatically on all plans ranging from free to paid.



The famous yoast extension. Where did his fame come from? Simply because it is the tool that allows you to optimize your SEO thanks to its availability to allow the writing of meta-descriptions and optimize the length of your titles (H1). With the YOAST tool, if you’ve followed the good canva of a web editor, you’ll just have to enter the meta-description and adjust the length of the title of your articles thanks to this extension. So you will be in full to be displayed on search engines.


Indeed, if you have the Jetpack extension you have access to statistics by country, source, articles, pages or click/record numbers of links and videos. However, for more in-depth details of the statistics to know: the source of visits per page, the time set per page, you will need Google analytics.

Google analytics allows you to have the smallest details you want. Check out our coaching program to learn about Google analytics training.


If you want to successfully develop your website in terms of security, SEO and optimal management, I recommend Jetpack, Yoast seo and Google analytics for wordpress. These three extensions are the top three extensions for the success of your showcase website and as mentioned above, aesthetic side, choose a theme that suits you in the theme library available thanks to jetpack that you would customize.

To your success… Health.



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