Website theme- What is a theme? Marketing Pro

The theme is a customizable sample that allows you to build the home page of a website to give a unique look to your website. The main role of the theme is the editing of the home page, i.e. the position of the main menu and social menus, the layout of the images, the content and the foot of the page. Thanks to the theme, you have an overall idea of the final look of your homepage after customization.

What are the different types of theme?

Where to find the themes to insert into your websites?


Indeed, the theme is the organ that gives meaning to a website. This is without which one cannot speak of a website because it is the first step to start once you have created your website. It is he who gives an aesthetic aspect and navigation menus.

If we take the example of WordPress, a CMS (content management system) that allows you to create and manage websites, it has in the admin interface, a free and premium theme library that you will choose according to your taste and adapt to your activity on your site: this is called personalization, putting specific content that reflects the image of your brand and your activity.

However; Throughout the use of your website, its appearance may seem outdated and you would like to give it a new look. You can simply change the images or change the theme entirely.


There are several types of theme designed according to the objectives.

  • The themes for showcase site
  • Topics for magazine sites
  • The themes for e-commerce site.

Among the themes for showcase site, there are themes by area of activity ie predisposed to a specific domain but this topic remains very random from the moment when, everything happens in terms of personalization and image of your site that you made yourself in the beginning. All in all, you can check out the information mentioned on the topic to get an idea of the purpose of the theme and choose the one that you think is pleasant. In case you’re not satisfied, change! there are thousands and thousands to match your needs. As far as premium themes are concerned, these are simply themes that require a very minimal additional fee depending on the theme.


This is a good question because it is not enough to know the role of a theme but also and above all, you need to know how to download it. So it’s very simple by entering your dashboard’s design menu for the version and entering directly into the theme library which offers you an unlimited free and premium theme field each customizable to give you a unique site.

Need a formal website, a personalized online store. As you can see, we have all the tools to satisfy you by choosing an aesthetic theme that meets your requirements, extensions useful to browsing your website, and writing your content taking into account the SEO.

See how we design your e-commerce site

See how we design your articles on your showcase site or get it done faster on Fiverr.



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