Facebook Group- What is the role of a Facebook group? Marketing Pro

As stated in one of our articles on whatsapp:

The group is a group of people who share the same ideas so that each member brings his personal touch or I will say his know how to move forward in the subject of the group. It is a centre for assistance, information and research for the members of the group.

That said, the main role of the group is the interaction between the different members, unlike the professional page where only the administrative staff can publish. This is precisely the difference between the two data: the professional page represents the company and plays a role of advertising communication and customer tracking while the Facebook group as its name suggests is the group of the company that is created for another specific purpose and allows members to be published.



The group at first glance has an exchange role between the members. Many people don’t understand the role of a Facebook group when you already have a Facebook page so I’ll tell you about it. The Facebook group can be used:

  • A training centre to invite people to train
  • A debate table to invite members to the topic.
  • A recruitment group to collect The Vitae Curriculums at all times.
  • A sales group to offer items and build relationships with third parties

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As part of a company that offers training programs, the Facebook group may be much needed to encourage people to join the training. However, since the group is participatory, you must accept the publications of members who fit in the same field without accepting the training publications. That would be accepting competition in your own territory. The aim is to suggest that each member is necessary and that all professional questions are expected.

Do you have a blog? it’s a great way to publish every article in your blog because blogs are mini preformations that encourage you to discover more about the subject by joining the trainings. However, mix the posts of your articles with motivational publications, job offer or internship, article sales corresponding to your domain not seem to be a blog reading group.


Since the group is first and foremost a centre of debate, this theme only confirms the role of your Facebook group in giving members the floor to give their views through posts on the subject of the group. The group’s role is to better develop the subject and to take advantage of certain opinions as well. It is an appointment of the give and the receive on the subject highlighted. In any case, the administrator is always the person who sets the group rules and filters posts. As part of an entrepreneurial activity, job offers, internships and appropriate sales are also welcome.


This type of group is specially designed for staffing companies. In addition to their pages where they publish current job offers, they could create a group to encourage people to join for job search and therefore share job search tips to direct people to properly write the resumes and job applications. Of course, job offers through the page will be welcome. This will be all the more important in this sense as job seekers will have the opportunity to express their difficulties and obstacles travelled throughout their job search journey and will improve the recruitment process in your Decision.


If you’re a merchant, or if you have items to offer, you can create a Facebook group to gather your first prospects. Of course in your future group, merchants will come to offer their services or products but they are still potential customers to products they do not own. It is your duty to filter out posts.


In the end, the group supports the professional page with a much more specific goal of training, drawing experiences, recruiting or selling. However, it is not excluded that you can create a Facebook group even if you do not have a Facebook page. If you have a Facebook profile, anything is possible, you can create a group for the same goals mentioned above. Since the group does not require a sponsored promotion, it is much more accessible and offered to potential members through the Facebook engine. However, make the most of existing groups to share your ideas.

Create your Facebook group or join our digital marketing and digital job offer training group called Marketing Digital Pro. The group is a center of interaction, we await your proposals in the field and especially all your most relevant questions.



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