Whatsapp – What is whatsapp’s role in a business? Marketing Pro

That is the question of the day to which we will bring illuminations.

Whatsapp is a social network that is not often mentioned too much because it is especially for private messages that is to say it is only you and your interlocutor who know what you are discussing. It’s a social messaging network.


With a monthly figure of 1.6 billion monthly active users in 2019, ahead of Facebook Messenger which is 1.3 billion and WeChat has 1.1 billion users, after Facebook and YouTube whatsapp is the third most popular social network in the world. Source: STATISTA.

Table of statistics for instant messaging apps detailed

It’s a downloadable app at Google play store and requires a valid phone number to be able to work. Whatsapp allows you not only to use a phone number that you could communicate to your audience but also from that phone number, you can send words files, pdf, media, voice call, video call, instant messaging, chat group using a data connection. It is a data exchange facilitator in a fraction of a second. This is also the main feature of whatsapp: the speed and ease of sending or receiving information to a specific person in strict privacy.

Does this mean that its nearest neighbor Messenger does not provide the same result? Effectively not the result is the same with the only difference that, Messenger serves as internal messaging for your business page and rest assured you have the main version rather than the lite version that will not meet the most advanced needs.

Whatsapp complements your internal email because you can be disconnected from Facebook at any given time but logged on whatsapp to send a message to a friend and then oops a professional message attenuated on your whatsapp and benh yes it’s time to get down to business and meet the needs of your prospect. One more channel to get customers back.

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Great we all know that whatsapp serves us as instant messaging but is this the only function?


For a company, whatsapp has many advantages. We can quote:

  • Instant messaging
  • The group function
  • The voice call
  • The video call
  • The status of the company
  • The profile picture in logo
  • The website link
  • Whatsapp web


This is the primary function of whatsapp to know how to respond instantly to a first need. This is an incredible opportunity for the prospect who can easily reach a business without moving around and have accurate information to a desired service or to justify a service used directly to the person in charge.

This feature boosts a company’s revenue because it allows you to bring more illumination to the products or services you offer, and to encourage sales even for the most distant prospects to facilitate the service that can now be done remotely in some cases.

To make your whatsapp meaningful sense, you can switch to a detailed professional account.


First of all, before integrating the group function into a company, let’s see together what a group is for?

The group is a group of people who share the same ideas so that each member brings his personal touch or I will say his know how to move forward in the subject of the group. It is a centre for assistance, information and research for the members of the group.

Fortunately, whatsapp allows to create chat groups that in turn allow to strengthen relations between members of a company, facilitate the exchange of digital documents, information and above all to communicate. It’s an opportunity to be together even thousands of miles away.

However, groups can be created around an ideology or a subject in order to better develop this subject and take advantage of each member’s experiences to learn more: a saying the Union is not forceful ? We will then be able to observe sales groups, beauty groups, recruitment groups, training groups… The list is exhaustive in the face of the tried and tested need.


It is true for the voice call that it has existed for a very long time but it comes back at a very shabby cost since the creation of social networks. With whatsapp, the call abroad and the national call are at the same very simplified cost allowing you to better dialogue with your interlocutor and lay the foundations of your business. The marketing call process remains unchanged, namely calling to revive or follow a customer, but the cost has been reduced further.


This is once again one of the features of social video calling. A call that allows you to talk to your interlocutor by viewing you at the moment T. This call is all the more important for human relations than for a company in the sense that it allows live meetings.

How do I make a live video call with multiple members for a group meeting? See the video call method.


Indeed, whatsapp has within it a status that allows to integrate media and write messages that will be visible by contacts who own your contact and will self-destruct after 24 hours. This status is all the more important to display the news of the day and as information, whatsapp advertisements are in the works.


The logo is part of your company’s visual identity in addition to colors. It is used to identify you and locate you on all channels of communication. A profile picture with logo makes it more professional and puts the customer already in an entrepreneurial spirit though, it is advisable to have images of person to service digital communications. These will be able to intervene in the news feed of professional pages accompanied by videos.


One more visibility for your website: the message below your profile name. Instead, you can put your website link to hook everyone who contacts you and put your company’s name in profile name plus your logo in profile picture. This is proof of the professional meaning of your whatsapp number.


Whatsapp web is used to work with whatsapp from your computer to make it easier to send heavy files stored in your laptop. It is very convenient in the sense that from your workstation you can open several pages of work and work without resorting to the phone which can not keep huge amounts of data. Open your files and process them, with whatsapp web you communicate with a user without interruption of work.

Do not hesitate to configure Whatsapp web and manage all your customers from a computer.


Having completed the necessary whatsapp functions for your business, it remains a very important element to take really seriously in your marketing strategy because you have to make the most of all possible channels to develop your Company. The customer can find themselves in one of these most popular channels.

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Thank you

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