E-commerce- Why Woocommerce is the best e-commerce solution? Marketing Pro

Create an online shop its told you? Well Yes it is a good choice because the e-commerce sector is more than flourishing because it limits the long yarns of expectations in supermarkets and sales surfaces. We take the opportunity to cuckoo to the peak season that started Friday 29 November 2020 and ended Monday 02 December 2020 with cyber monday until midnight. It was a beautiful experience like any other, an annual meeting where e-traders stock up on their turnover for the year. This behaviour was adapted by consumers at the end of November to limit the prolonged wait in stores.


So back to our sheep, outside of the peak season, e-commerce is full of many benefits for both the consumer and the e-retailer namely:

1- For the consumer

  • Payment facilitation that is now available directly online and limits long waits.
  • Home deliveries
  • More affordable prices
  • Opportunity to better understand product characteristics before purchase

2- For the seller

  • Facilitating remote payment
  • Less expensive than a local shop
  • Lower operating costs (employees, taxes and taxes)
  • Facilitating customer tracking through the customer account, which is a good sales strategy
  • Possible remarketing to potential customers

From the article definition and practice of e-commerce

If you are in the dance of e-retailers, you must make use of the best software and practices that will help you achieve your goals. Thankfully, if you read us, e-commerce will no longer be a mystery to you.

How do you create your online store and optimize it to get the return on investment? That’s the question of the day.


E-commerce or online sales is the fact of receiving an order and/or payment online for an abstract service (digital, training) or physical (material property) .


Creating an online store is like choosing software that will allow you to design your online store, choose a theme for the visual aspect of your site, to organize your products or services into categories and subcategories for a better experience, to track the statistics that will allow you to analyze the traffic of your site to make better decisions (Google analytics for in-depth statistics), to have an online payment system accepted by the country of users of your site, carry out digital advertising campaigns and retargeting:

These are the fundamental parameters for the creation and success of your online store.

Then place the software that will allow you to fix these parameters. This is Woocommerce. Why woo commerce? We’re enlightening you.

Woo Commerce is a free extension of WordPress that you can install (download) if you have opted for a WordPress business or e-commerce plan.

Woocommerce represents 25% of the world’s e-commerce, 36054 sites in the top one million e-commerce, statistics vastly superior to all its competitors confers Builtwith which positions woo commerce as a leader in Commerce. It powers 22% of the top 1 million ecommerce according to hostingtribunal.

Not insignificant statistics that indicate the quality of service that this software can provide.

Indeed, Woocommerce is an e-commerce software that basically allows:

  • Creating product pages, ebook downloads and any online files, subscription sales, memberships and bookings.
  • The insertion of a control basket, i.e. several orders in one order.
  • The insertion of configurable delivery options (free, fixed-rate delivery, delimited delivery area).
  • Label printing from woo commerce shipping built into your dashboard for usps shipments and other shipping services
  • Automated tax calculation optimized by jetpack an automatic extension of woo commerce.
  • Integration with Google analytic for analysis of statistics.
  • Integration has mailchimp for email advertising campaigns and remarketing.
  • Integration to Facebook for extending facebook ads from the facebook pixel configured to expand your audience and track visitors to your site, create online shops on your facebook page that will hand visitors back to your site, chat with customers via the chat messenger plugin.

In addition to these basic functions, Woocommerce is even more customizable i.e. adapts to your requirements and wills using extensions in order to make an online store worthy of the name that adheres to all your needs.



An extension still called plugin refers to any computer program designed to add functionality to a site whether internally for the webmaster or externally for the user to allow better operation of the site.

WordPress has more than 54,000 free extensions for its sites and more than 300 Woocommerce extensions that make all the wealth of wordpress because the admiter chooses the extension that he thinks is necessary for the development of his site. A plurality of extension that will give you a wide range of choice and action.

Among the free extensions of Woocommerce, we first have its basic functions namely jetpack, woo commerce expedition, google analytic, facebook, mailchimp, then we have:

  • Paypal checkout available from smart payment buttons. Dynamically displays paypal, venmo, credit paypal or other local payment options in a single stack and for accuracy, paypal is an international payment method accepted in all countries of the world. Simply link your visa card to the paypal account and top you make automatic online purchases that are deduced from your linked bank card.
  • Google ADS: for your shop’s campaigns on google shopping
  • Stripe: for mastercard, American express, dicover, JCB and club dinners
  • Amazon pay: for the availability of amazon widgets on your online store

Among the paid extensions (premium) woo commerce, we have:

  • Booking woo commerece : for appointments, reservations, rental of equipment
  • Membership woo commerce: for subscription access to paid or free products or content.
  • Woo subscription: for monthly, weekly or annual payments to your products or services.
  • Product add-ons: gift wrapping options, special messages or other special services for your products.

This joins the list of more than 300 free and premium woo commerce extensions ranked in order of popularity.


Faced with this range of extensions, many e-commerce eros are faced with the embarrassment of choice. We’ve chosen three items for you that will list the most necessary extensions because if you use too many extensions, they will slow down the loading speed of your site which is not good for the user experience. So we have:

20 Best woo commerce plugin

30 best plugin for woo commerce

Best woo commerce plugin in 2020

Examples of online shop built from woo commerce.

  • Adventure Parc Snowdonia – an adventure park that offers an online booking calendar and membership programs.
  • Mike’s Organic Delivery – a sustainable, healthy food subscription service with weekly delivery to customers.
  • RushTix – a membership program selling tickets to films, festivals, concerts, and more.
  • TipoType – a font foundry selling licenses to digital files.
  • It Gets Better Project – a nonprofit that sells physical products and accepts online donations.
  • Shark – a cleaning product retailer, selling everything from vacuum cleaners, steam mops, and parts and accessories.

Source: https://woocommerce.com/posts/migrate-from-shopify-to-woocommerce/


Optimizing your shop woo commerce is like using best practices for running your online store in order to have more visibility and more sales. These include:

  • Choose the right theme for the visual aspect of your online store. The theme gives the overall design of your site; it could be likened to a template and in addition, woo commerce offers themes already adapted to computers and automatically smartphones. The list of different business woo themes attached https://woocommerce.com/storefront/
  • Create and organize your product pages into categories and subcategories
  • Add the available search widget to the dashboard to easily find the products.
  • Redraw blog posts on product pages to shed light on the use and importance of your products or services via the publisher that allows you to add media and rewrite descriptions.
  • Use the Facebook extension to increase your audience from the facebook pixel to organize advertising campaigns and retarget (remarket) visitors to your online store. More details here.
  • Use Mailchimp for Woocommerce : Your customers and their purchase data are automatically synced with your Mailchimp account, making it easier to send targeted campaigns, automatically track customers after purchase, recommend products, recover abandoned baskets, and measure the return on investment of your marketing efforts. And it’s totally free. See how to turn e-mails subscriber into customer.
  • Add paypal payment buttons to all your online products or services
  • Merchandising (product far on the homepage).

We’re not at the end of our surprises when we discover that the basic features of a successful online store are completely free with woo commerce. In addition, the platform retains control of natural referencing thanks to its block structures built into the product pages that allow articles to be written.

It also offers backups of your site’s settings and transaction fees for free third-party payment methods as well as displaying real-time shipping rates such as USPS (transportation company) at a price insignificant compared to to its competitors. see more details of the comparison here.


In summary, woo commerce is the most customizable and efficient e-commerce platform using its extensions, affordable with its basic features free and easy to access. Just personal information when creating your site does not need expertise in web development. You can start right here by entering your personal data and choosing the business or e-commerce plan that will give you access to extension downloads.


Ideal for small businesses: Ideal for online shops:
Free domain for one year Free domain for one year
Jetpack Advanced Features Jetpack Advanced Features
Direct e-mail and live chat assistance Direct e-mail and live chat assistance
An Infinity of Premium Themes An Infinity of Premium Themes
In-depth design customization In-depth design customization
200GB storage
200GB storage
Delete ads Wordpress.com Delete ads Wordpress.com
Google Analytics Integration Google Analytics Integration
Advanced Sharing Options on Social Networks  Advanced Sharing Options on Social Networks 
Simplified Payments Simplified Payments
Profitability of the site’s Profitability of the site’s
Assistance VideoPress  Assistance VideoPress 
Personalised Help  Personalised Help 
SEO Tools SEO Tools
Installing extensions Installing extensions
Installation of themes  Installation of themes 
Removing branding Wordpress.com Removing branding Wordpress.com
Payments accepted in more than 60 countries
Major integrated carriers
Unlimited products or services
ECommerce Marketing Tools
Premium customizable start themes

Need a professional to assist you, don’t panic Marketing Pro takes care of it. We can create your online store for free, set it up (content and extension) at a very affordable price.



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