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I am one who thinks that ABOVE ALL A PROFESSION IS A PASSION because every act we do comes from the bottom of our hearts and souls.

Without excluding the variable obligation because we have no choice at certain times, you will express your passion at your first opportunity and in an excellent way because it is your identity, it is what makes you happiest in all cases.

Don’t put a brake on your life, live in your universe, express what comes from you because that’s what makes you, it’s the ones you were born for.

We have in each of us a gift that can come on the one hand from the small experiences of life and on the other hand it is innate which is why an adage will say loves what you’re doing to be successful in this area still we should know if there is a difference between the donation and Passion. In fact, one is passionate (madly in love) of a specific area and one does it from good to excellence for love and it turns into a gift.

However, let us not forget that there are people who have several gifts, in this case, choosing what makes us most mentally comfortable because-work is also flourishing means that work takes away from us three great evils namely boredom, vice and need, it is also a source of joy because we spend more time working awake. This is what will make us our person happy or unhappy depending on our activity.


It is never late to know his gift and there is no precise age to discover it. You can see at 20 years as well as at 30 years or even more at 50 years the main thing is to be passionate about your profession to be able to re-apply because you will be led by the forces of nature.

Discover the world of Entrepreneurship.

After graduating in management, I learned to face the adversities of clients from the business business to consumer and business to business. Passionate about digital, I like beautiful colorful images that can speak. With the growth of the Internet, everything goes because above all, digital marketing relies on the creativity of captivating images or videos that talk about products or services and an associated comment that stands out to be able to mark the attention of the customer and achieve a specific goal.


This profession that I practice today as a digital marketing expert was above all a passion. A passion for digital technology that has been accompanied by technical marketing skills. I ask you what is your true passion?

Are you interested in my story as a woman entrepreneur?

If you think like me makes me know in comment, if you think otherwise do not hesitate to express yourself and if you too have your story, write me by email, I could publish it on your behalf.



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