Difference between social media manager and community manager- Marketing Pro

Indeed, the social media manager and the community manager are two very distinct professions with the only peculiarity that they are complementary. It is often thought that it is the same trade, but throughout the tasks, it is clear that these are two distinct trades.

The social media manager is the person responsible for developing the company’s digital marketing strategy. It is the choice of social media adapted for the company according to its activity, the development of quality content that can impact the target and the management of publications.

The social media manager has a concern to attract as many prospects as possible through quality content and ensures the effective visibility of the latter. It therefore holds the advertising budget on social networks.

In addition, the community manager applies the instructions of the social media manager. He is responsible for acting according to the social media manager’s forecasts and plans. Also, he is the number one representative of the brand because it is he who communicates with Internet users on the web. He therefore takes care of the community by responding to the concerns of visitors, prospecting in the comments of publications, ensuring the private messaging of the company in order to collect relevant information that will serve as tools to help decision-making of the social media manager.


In short, the social media manager establishes the strategy and manages the advertising budget and the community manager applies this strategy and manages the community. However, they are complementary in the sense that both have a branding concern. They could collaborate on the content to be published (optional depending on the company).

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